Monday, August 8, 2016


The kitchen is progressing. It's almost done. I think. There seem to be so many little things that need done. In my mind's eye, however, all that is left is some caulking, touch-up painting, and then the shelves need hung. But Brad can probably think of more little things that need to be finished before we can actually wrap the project up. He's a perfectionist like that.

This summer's home renovation project has translated into a sorely neglected garden and low motivation to even keep up with it and the preserving. Such a shame. I feel like I used to have so much more energy to do multiple things at one time.

School. UGH! It's coming. We won't officially start until after our vacation in September, but we've already logged some of our days with camps and field trips and impromptu learning sessions. My goal is to get all of the curriculum figured out this week and order everything. I want to have it all organized and ready to go before we leave for vacation so that we'll be able to get started as soon as we get home.

Change. There seems to be a lot of change for our family in the weeks and months ahead. I feel as if it could easily be our theme word for this year, if we were to have one. It's exciting and yet slightly anxiety-provoking all at once. I'm trying to look at it as an adventure in which to fully exercise faith in God. Yep. That's what I'm doing.


Wendi said...

The kitchen is looking good! I tend to be more optimistic about the complete time of a project. When we first moved in I told Chuck we could paint our 1 1/2 car garage in an hour. Ha! That old, gross think took us hours. He still teases me and will ask with a laugh if something will only take an hour. :)

I am a girl that doesn't like changes. It is hard for me when there are many changes coming at me. Best wishes on the changes coming your way.

Billie Jo said...

And that's the best thing to do!
Change here too...
And I'm looking to God for guidance as our first born journeys into the world.
Your photos are beautiful.
Enjoy what remains of our Pennsylvania summer!

Carol said...

Be glad you are getting things done. It seems that my husband is always saying something needs done but it never happens.

Simply At Home said...

I just love your counter-tops, you guys did a great job on the cabinets. Lovely post and photo's thank you for sharing your life with us.

karen said...

don't be too hard on yourself with the reno and the garden, do what you can do and let the rest slide! your house is looking beautiful!! I'm looking forward to some down time this week after helping our son move!

Lulu said...

your children are growing up so your back yard, so nice and are blessed..
take care,