Friday, July 22, 2016

in the thick of home improvement

I am having so much fun updating our house. Lately, I've been a little mentally stressed. Not because of all of the work. Work doesn't scare me. It's the lack of a proper kitchen since our current remodel is the kitchen. Everything is kind of scattered about, so when I need a mixing spoon or a knife or a bowl or this or that, I have to search for it. Thankfully our home is small and I've just kind of shifted everything into the living room and onto the kitchen table. But still. I guess I didn't realize how much my life revolves around my kitchen until it was in a state of disarray. I've heard others speak of this when they've done a kitchen remodel.

However, it will be fabulous when it's finished. It will be a kitchen that is still tiny, but so very much me. Butcher block. White cabinets. Open shelving. I'm going for cozy and quaint, which is what I pretty much go for in all of my decorating. 

But mixed in with all of that remodeling goodness, we've had quite a busy summer. We visited our best friends in Charleston, SC. We had one of my oldest friends from childhood and her daughter (who also happens to be Lily's age) come stay with us for a while. We have had cake decorating class and electronics class. And then there is the gardening and animal care that is part of our everyday life. Oh, and we became the owner of kittens. Two of them. 

What a full summer we've had so far.


Unknown said...

Amber, I always love reading your posts. You are beautiful inside and out. Can't wait to see your remodeled kitchen! Looks like you have had a great Summer.


Billie Jo said...

I too enjoy reading your posts.
Soooo cozy. And warm.
Can't wait to see your new kitchen!
Enjoy the remaining days of summer. : )

karen said...

your full busy life is a good good way to be! I loved seeing your summer unfold in the photos and you have such a pretty house. I'm glad you got to visit your friends who moved as well as having a friend and child visit for a time. Life is good :)