Tuesday, August 16, 2016

an essay on home

I love home. 

What does home mean to me? What image do I conjure up in my mind when I think of home? 

I imagine a cozy, quaint place that is warm, beautiful but simple. A place where love flows freely. A place where words of encouragement are spoken and life is breathed into those who enter. 

I imagine a place where the dwellers feel free to be themselves. Guards can be dropped. Feet can be kicked back. Weary bodies can toss themselves onto the sofa and cozy up under a well-worn quilt. 

A place where laughter is real. Where learning happens all of the time. Where good thoughts are shared and discussed. Where life is lived fully and where joy prevails.

This is what I strive for, this is what I want for our home. And me, as a wife and mother, well, I have such an awesome opportunity to influence the atmosphere of our home. This is my office. This is my place of work. This is my opportunity to shine as I foster an environment that encourages growth physically, mentally, and spiritually for my family and all who visit. 

What an awesome privilege that is! 

So instead of complaining about the never-ending laundry, I need to thank God for the healthy bodies that wear all of that clothing.

Instead of dreading washing the dishes again, I need to praise God for the food He has so graciously and extravagantly provided. The food that fills those plates three times a day, that fills our bellies full. 

And the messes that scatter so easily around the house? Oh those can test me. But those little messes were made by the ones that are dearest to my heart. I want to be thankful that I have these beautiful children who are healthy enough to be up and making messes. And I need to be thankful that I have the opportunity to teach my children to be responsible, clean-up after themselves, and contribute to our home's well-being. 

I enjoy home. I enjoy keeping my home. I used to think that it was sinful to want a beautiful home (note that I do not mean large, filled with extravagant things, or magazine-worthy) for my family. But I now realize that God put that creative desire within me, that love for beauty, the attention to the aesthetics. God made me that way. And, of course, I could use those desires in sinful ways, but I can also choose to embrace them and make my home a dwelling that quenches the thirst of dry souls, that replenishes the spiritual tanks of those who enter, that inspires others to seek the beautiful and simple things of God. 

I am so thankful that God has enabled me to be a keeper of my home. I am thankful that He has shown me the importance of making our home a shelter to my family and others.

Lord, open my eyes up to the great privilege You have blessed me with to be a keeper of our home. Thank you for our home. Thank you for those that fill it. May it be used for Your glory, and may all who enter feel surrounded by Your love and grace.


harknessangels said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I love this! I feel the same way about home and want it to be a safe haven for my family.

Hannah said...

Needed these words! Thank you!

Nen said...

Well said! I often struggle with being content in my home because it needs so many updates... my husband isn't a "handy" guy and doesn't have the same homestead vision that I carry. It's also too expensive right now for many of the updates we need (simple things like painting, etc)... because we need to save to replace our windows and a retaining wall that is starting to crumble (that we MUST have). Every day I am reminded by scripture or posts like this one, that it's all in what I make of it as keeper of the home. Thanks for my reminder! :)

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing these photos of a beautiful home. I am reminded that I need to be happy with my home and make it the best it can be. I forget that sometimes as I see the things I want to change and can't at the moment. I also want to rid our lives of stuff and I am attempting to do that each day as I attempt to get rid of things.

karen said...

so beautiful! I stayed at home while raising our children and I loved doing my job. I remember being bothered by messes and too much busyness but overall now that they are grown and out of the house I remember all the good stuff :) You have a beautiful house and home :)

Billie Jo said...

Simply beautiful.
I share your love of home...
And am inspired by both your beautiful photos and your comforting words.
Thank you for being out there, loving your people and living your dream.

Jill said...

What a lovely post! So much goodness here and those muffins look delicious! Have a wonderful day!!


Leslie Kimel said...

What a beautiful essay and beautiful photos! I love the pictures of the fresh herbs and your daughter's wonderful cupcakes. And I so agree with your conclusions in the third-to-last paragraph!

Cathy said...

Such peace I felt as I scrolled through your home photos and read your words of home, and your desire to glorify the LORD in the midst of the privileges and opportunities He gives to us as women.
You should consider beginning a "joining in" post to invite others to share their "Essays of the Home" on a regularly basis. *smile*

Wendi said...

Beautiful! Home is my favorite place to be. In the eyes of others it isn't perfect, but it's perfect for me and my family.

Simply At Home said...

The words you have written is within each of your photo's. This has ministry to me...I can relate to your heartfelt words ~ this is my heart as well. Thank you for sharing Amber.

Rachel E. said...

Yes! You have this right on, but we forget so many times to be thankful. You do have lovely home and family. Thanks for the reminders to remember what it is all about.

Lulu said...

another great post