Friday, December 19, 2014

cozy inside

Candles burning. Cozy blankets. Warm, soft, knitted sweaters. Holiday music. Pots full of hot soup and slices of homemade bread. These are some of the blessings I'm enjoying during this Christmas season.

Every season has its different blessings. Spring brings the gift of new beginnings, fresh air, open windows, warm breezes. Summer days fill the moments with warm, carefree play, working out in the warm soil, planting and enjoying the bounty of God's earth. Harvest is the gift of fall as are the beautiful painted trees that drip their diverse colors to the ground.

And this season? I have come to appreciate this season as a time of blessed rest. Time tucked away warm inside with family, playing games, crafting, reading aloud while snuggled on the couch. Ahhh. Yes, those are the moments that I love about this season. 

And how much brighter the lights shine on these short days and dark evenings. Have you ever gone out after dark and stared up at the vast sky of stars as the snow crunches under your boots? The vast expanse that always reminds me of the power and wonder of God. The beautiful, amazing stars, each one named by God. And this is the same God who knows my name, knows the number of hairs on my head, and who has caught each one of my tears in a bottle. The great Creator of the universe loves me more deeply than I can comprehend. This is what the winter sky always imprints upon the pages of my heart. God's amazing love.

And so I'm holding on tight to these moments of this winter season. I'm finding myself wanting them to last, this cozy warmth inside, the soft glowing of the candles, the time spent huddled together. As the months move on, my heart will begin to anticipate the new days of an invigorating and new spring, but for now I am quite content with enjoying these days of rest. 

Some of our favorite winter craft activities...
Wet felted geodes
Yarn Pom Poms
 Handmade Books
Giant Paper Snowflakes

Lily is modeling my Child's Hooded Fox Cowl


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

much merriment

Life around here has been a whirlwind of bustle and activity as of late. I can't remember a November and December that has been as busy as this one has been. There were many mornings when I had thought about posting a least a short post on here, but it never got further than a thought.

We've been enjoying making much merriment. There has been cookie-baking and decorating. We've trimmed the tree and hung the stockings (the kids have already been filling them with notes and pictures to one another.) I've been extremely busy knitting and crocheting, completing and mailing orders. We had our Handmade Christmas Open House which turned out to be extremely successful and a lovely time. Lily and I attended the Nutcracker and spent a beautiful girl's day out. 

Oh, yes, there has been much merry-making around these parts. And there's also been a lot of gift-making. I'm still finishing up two gifts that I've been working on for the kids, keeping my fingers crossed that I get them finished in time. 

It's been a wonderful last month, and as I finish the last of several deadlines this week, I'm opening my eyes wide to the many gifts and blessings that surround me.

Monday, November 17, 2014

light and color

I'm really noticing color and light this late fall. Both light and color make me feel more alive and happy so perhaps I've been seeking it out on these very short days when the sky is  black by 5:15pm. And I find myself attempting to tuck both of these things into the corners and spaces of our homes. Colorful drawings and prints. An antique crazy quilt that my dad's grandmother had stitched by hand many years ago. Lamps glowing low and cozy. Handmade looms with arrays of color. A basket full of yarn, both to use and admire. Books of many colors, lined up side-by-side on shelves and filling baskets, calling to be opened and read. Candles on the windowsill, on the coffee table, on the dinner table. How does such a small flame provide such warmth? Warmth that reaches down into the tired soul.

Yes, I love color and light.

And I have found myself offering prayers of thanksgiving for the little glimpses of both. Thankful for the ability to open my eyes and my heart to these gifts of light Christ has created and given to me, to us. He is THE light, after all. It's His specialty.

So, yes, on these short, mostly gray, and most certainly cold days, I'm reaching out, opening my eyes wide to find these little but mighty gifts He's tucked into the spaces of my life. And for one who can tend to experience a bit of melancholy this time of year, I'm finding this search and awareness of His light, His colors, His creativity, is inspiring me to embrace every single day, whether sunny and warm or gray and cold.

After all, this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.