Wednesday, March 4, 2015

fresh air

After morning chores today, I took a little walk with my camera in hand. It was a foggy, snowy, gray morning and it was a bit sloppy out there, having gotten some rain all evening yesterday. Even my poor alpacas were a bit soggy. But it had snowed more this morning, laying down a clean white layer of snow.

We're in sore need of groceries, so hopefully it clears up a bit so we can venture out to the store. But for now, we're tucked in warm at home, the kids doing their independent school work and me getting ready to get the laundry rolling. There's plenty to be done, that's for sure! And we won't even talk about the sorry state of our entryway and kitchen floors, those being the floors that get the most traffic as people come into the house. Oh, the mud and straw and dirt. And there are boots and mittens everywhere. I try not to get too stressed out about it although it does get under my skin a bit. But until winter is over, there's nothing else to do but accept it the way it is.

I posted the giveaway winner in this post. Be sure to go there to see if you won!

Giveaway Winner!

There were 90 entries in total, between my blog, my Facebook pages, and my Instagram account.

And the lucky winner of my handmade scarf is.......


If you could please use the contact link on my blog to email me your mailing address, I will get your package in the mail soon.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Creative Days

What does one do when it's just a bit too cold to spend any extended period of time outside? When the snow blows and stings the face?

Naturally, the paints and markers and watercolor pencils are pulled out of the cupboard and find a permanent resting spot on the dining table. The wooly projects fly off the needles at a much faster speed than usual. Kitchen science experiments are conducted over and over again. Soft wool is pulled out to be played with and made into pretty felted creations.

These have been our days. Filled to the brim with much creativity, much creating. Yes, this winter of ours might be long and hard, but we're going to take full advantage of the extra time indoors and the abundance of art supplies in our cupboard. And this is, admittedly, one of my favorite ways to pass time. Well, I shouldn't say to pass time, but rather to live in the moment. Color. Wool. Paints. Canvas. I really do feel most alive, most energized, when I'm creating and when I see my children doing the same.

And I wanted to send a special thank you to Staci from Life at Cobblestone Hill Farm. She recently had a giveaway, and, good gracious, I was one of the winners! My box of her handmade soaps arrived over the weekend, and they are so beautiful and so yummy-smelling. Thank you so much, Staci!

Looking for a quick and easy hat to knit? I whipped up a Lima hat with Rowan Lima over the weekend and even got started on a second.

Although we have lots of wool batting laying around, Lily made the little felted flower picture using the Artterro Needle Felting Kit. (affiliate link)

If you haven't signed up for my giveaway yet, be sure to go here and do so!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Lovely Yarn Giveaway to Warm up the Winter

It is the end of February. The poor month that is infamously known as the longest (though numerically shortest) month of the year. February gets such a bad rap.

Let's celebrate the coming of March with a little giveaway, shall we? I have a feeling that, despite the fact that the first of March is only a few days away, we will still have a fair share of blustery, wintery days. So who would like to win a handmade wooly gift? A "thank you" from me to you.

This infinity scarf is hand crocheted by moi. It's made with a blend of lamb's wool and acrylic. It's very chunky, very long, very soft, and very warm. It can be worn wrapped twice (as in the above pictures) or even three times.

So how do you enter?

Just leave a comment here on this blog post. If you're not a regular follower of Making A Home, I would love for you to follow along with my blog, but I'm not going to make that a stipulation of the giveaway requirements.

To earn extra points, visit Facebook and like my A Lovely Yarn page and my Making a Home page and comment below the giveaway posts on each of those pages.

If you're on Instagram, you can also enter there by following me and commenting on the giveaway post I have under my profile.

Was that confusing? I hope not.

Contest is open to everyone, even my international readers!

Giveaway ends on March 3rd at midnight.

Friday, February 20, 2015

keeping warm (or trying to)

I complained about winter for the first time yesterday afternoon. It was beyond frigid, so cold that my toes were aching even though I had my severe-cold weather Keen boots on (that's never happened in the three years that I've had those boots.) The locks and latches on all of the animal buildings were frozen and stuck in place. The "heated" waterers for the chickens and the rabbits were frozen, requiring extra work to thaw and get into proper working order. And, my poor little Majestico (an alpaca) was so cold he was shivering, which required me to put together a make-shift coat for him out of one of Brad's old quilted flannel barn coats. (He looked quite handsome, I must say.)

But all was well in the end. And, having to be at a very early appointment with my psychiatrist at 7:00 a.m. this morning, I was greeted by a lovely -17 degrees. Brad literally laughed at me as I gathered up extra gloves and boots as I made my way out the door. "I must be prepared in case I break down or get stuck in a ditch," I told him matter-of-factually. A wise woman is always prepared. 

And of course I had to explain the following to my doctor upon weigh-in time ~ "You see, Dr. ____, vanity tempted me to wear light-weight clothing because I knew that I would be weighed at this visit, but my practical side won out and I have exactly three layers on my entire body, plus extra heavy socks and a scarf. Surprisingly (and quite pleasantly) I weighed even less at this visit than I did at my visit back in the fall.

And I was very thankful for those extra layers as my car never even got warm during the entire trip to and from the doctor's office. 

After arriving home, and defrosting all of the animals' waterers (again) and making sure they were properly cared for and more hay was spread for warmth, I gladly entered our toasty warm house and filled my coffee cup up to the brim (twice, this morning.)

And I did refrain from complaining again. I did bite my tongue and reprimand my mind when I was tempted to let those negative words escape across my lips. After all, this is one of God's seasons. And it is a good one. And spring will surely warm the icy grounds in its due time.

I'm having fun searching for the perfect yarn to start this new afghan. I've had this one in my Ravelry queue for quite awhile. I finally broke down and purchased it yesterday. All of this icy weather is inspiring me to make another afghan. There's nothing better than a warm pile of pretty wool on your lap when the snow is blowing outside.

I found this tasty homemade taco seasoning recipe earlier this week. We tested it out in our taco meat on Wednesday, and it was definitely a winner. I bought the ingredients to make it in bulk it was so good. And we eat Mexican food here at least once a week. It's one of our favorites!

Working on some more chunky "Allie" scarves for my Etsy shop. Winter isn't over yet, and these scarves definitely take off the chill!