Thursday, April 23, 2015

Where the wild things are...

Yes, well apparently the wild things are in my house.

The kids found a baby cottontail rabbit in our back field yesterday. One of our dogs had gotten a hold of it. Besides being covered in saliva, it seemed to be all in one piece. We couldn't locate the rabbit nest so my kids brought it into our nest.

Of course, the kids were elated at this opportunity as we just finished reading The Green Ember last week!

I did some research and found that if they still have the little white "blaze" on their forehead, they are too young to be left alone in the wilderness. I could not, in good conscious, let this little furry ball of cute be put back out in the frigid temps (it snowed here again, people) and especially knowing that it was absolutely too young to make it on its own.

So I found a recipe for milk replacement for wild rabbits, and we mixed some up. Thankfully, I had a syringe that I had washed and saved so we used that to feed the rabbit the milk.

Lily has taken on the role of surrogate mother, and she is fulfilling her duty quite well. She's feeding it, massaging its belly (that is supposed to help its digestion), talking to it, reassuring it, making sure it stays warm (we filled a couple of old socks up with beans and are heating them up and putting them under the towel in the box to keep him/her warm and cozy.)

Oh, she's in her element, this daughter of mine.

And, of course, Brad and I didn't argue with any of this. Why would we? We're past that by now.We just chalk this things up to wonderful learning experiences and wonderful ways to teach our children to care for God's creation.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Could we have asked for a more beautiful weekend?

I spent the first half of Saturday at a homeschool workshop/curriculum fair that the co-op we belong to sponsored. The second half of the day was spent outside, cleaning up the raised beds and doing other outside work. We finished the day up with our first fire of the year and some yummy cook-out food for dinner.

These next two weeks are packed full of appointments and obligations. I'm honestly trying not to let it overwhelm me. I don't like busyness away from home. It complicates my life. It results in an unkempt home. It exhausts me and the kids. But these are necessary things that have to be taken care of, so I'm going to really focus on taking it all in stride.

The old photos? My maternal grandparents. Papa and Gammy. They were both truly influential people in my life. My Gammy was like a mom to me. I spent many, many days "living" at their farmhouse during my growing-up years. I miss them both, but look forward to the day when I'll see them again in the presence of Jesus. I think about how much my Gammy impacted me and the woman I've become. And she was the one who taught me to crochet and knit. She's my little Ukrainian babushka who taught me so many things about serving happily at home. I love her.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

no willpower

God bless my husband. Really. I have no willpower when it comes to animals and furry things.

Yesterday I ran to a local chicken farm to pick out TWO cochins. Lily and I have wanted feathered-footed chickens for the last two years. They're not the greatest layers so they're more for fun. So it was somewhat of a luxury purchase.

So we walked into the chicken house at the farm, and I knew I was in trouble. I don't even remember how many different types of chickens there were, but they were everywhere.

To keep things short and tidy, I left with three cochins (the feather-footed chickens), three Rhode Island Reds, and three Black Australorps. But, really, I only went to get two cochins.

And I almost came home with a couple of turkeys as well. The ONLY thing that held me back from that was knowing that if I did buy turkeys, my poor husband would have yet another building project on his plate. Oh, but my mind was turning, trying to figure out how I could house a couple of turkeys, it really was.

So our poultry count is now twenty-four hens, one rooster, seven older chicks, nine baby chicks, and twenty-five meat chickens that we'll be receiving at the end of the month.

We've got a lot of chicken here, people!

Brad came home from work last night and had a Starbucks Americano with steamed soy, just for me. It's my favorite Starbucks drink. I so appreciated that little act of love, and I even more appreciated when he didn't get upset when I told him how many chickens I came home with. Actually, he wasn't even surprised. He's knows me so well.

I have a great hubby.