Thursday, August 27, 2015


Blog posts seem to be so few and far between. Part of the reason for that is because I've been busy learning a new crafting skill. Spinning!!!

This is something I've desired to learn for a few years. Lily and I recently went to our town's annual folk festival, and, while there, we visited the booth with the spinning demonstrators. I ended up talking to them about my alpacas and, in the process, found out that the woman demonstrator lived about five minutes from our home. What a blessing from God! She is now working with me, teaching me how to process my own alpaca fiber and to spin.

The wheel in the pictures is hers, on loan to me until I save enough to buy my own wheel. This was the first wheel that she learned on as well ~ single treadle, traditional flax wheel. I'm still researching and trying to decide if I want a traditional saxony wheel or a more modern, upright, castle wheel.

I am just so thankful to be learning this skill! It has been frustrating at times, and is so much more difficult to do than what it looks when the experts do it! In desperation I texted Jean the other night asking how long it takes to actually produce a yarn that is worth using. She laughed in understanding. But like all things worthwhile, the time I invest in practicing and learning will be very beneficial in the end.

I want to learn to spin, therefore, I will persevere and it will eventually all come together.

That's my spin on most things in life. Anything that you really want to do can be learned with patience and hard work. It's definitely something I have found true in my own life. I stopped letting fear of failure hold me back a few years back. I've given myself plenty of room for error, knowing full well that there will be failures (big and small) when attempting something new.

You'll never get good at something if you don't drop that basketful of fear and at least start.

So, yeah, my yarn is pretty lumpy and bumpy. I still don't have drafting down perfect. And I still have the desire to curse in frustration at times (just being honest), but I'm moving in the right direction, taking at least fifteen minutes a day to sit at the wheel and practice.

It will come as all things do when they are pursued with perseverance. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Sale - Homeschooling, Homesteading, Crafting, Crocheting...

Hey all! I'm way behind on figuring out and ordering my kids educational resources for the coming homeschool year. I usually have that figured out and everything mostly ordered by the end of spring. Oh geez.

I've been working on cleaning out our school books as well as my personal book collection. I'm listing them on here for anyone that may be interested. I can only ship within the United States. All items will be shipped via media mail unless you would like to purchase expedited shipping. The price listed includes shipping unless otherwise noted.

All payments will be made via Paypal. Please leave a comment here letting me know which books you want, and I will send you an invoice. I will combine shipping.

Thanks for looking! I will update the listings if they sell.

 The Well Trained Mind Hardcover. c.2004; Excellent, like new condition. $15
 You Can Teach Your Child Successfully Grades 4-8; Ruth Beechick; Like new. $8
 Games for Reading; Like new; $10
 How Artists See Feelings Hardcover; New $8
 How Artists See 4-Book Set; Hardcover; New $30

 Family Math; Great condition; Some cover wear in the top left corner $10
 Keeping Chickens with Ashley English; Hardcover; Brand new; $7
 Keeping Chickens: The Self-Sufficiency Series; Like new; $6
 How to Raise Sheep Paperback; Brand New $13
 Geography Songs - Book, Audio CD, map; Brand new; $16
 Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography; Queen Homeschool Supplies; Excellent condition. $10
 All Nature Sings Science Curriculum; Queen Homeschool Supplies; Brand new. $30
 Another Trip Around the World; New; $10
 Writing Strands Level 3; New $15
 The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading; Good condition; Some cover wear; $14
 Apologia Who Am I? Hardcover Bible Text; Biblical Worldview Series; Excellent condition; $20
 BOB Books Set 1: Beginning Readers; Complete Set; Excellent condition; $8
 Abeka God's Gift of Language B Worktext key and quiz/test key; 3rd edition; New; $25
Abeka Language 3; Worktext key and test/quiz key; Cover slightly worn; Name on front of both books; $8
 BJU Spelling Grade 2; Brand New; Teacher's Manual and Student Book; $35
 Winning With Writing Level 4 - 2 books; first book is missing the first 10 pages, otherwise, perfect. $10
 Phonetic Readers by Queen Homeschool Supplies; 5 Books; Complete Set; $6
 Math Detective A1 from Critical Thinking Co.; Brand new; Grades 5-6; $14
 BJU Spelling 2 Teacher's Manual; Fair Condition; Cover worn, but inside pages are nice; $7
Arthur Bornstein Multiplication Memorization System - Includes all multiplication cards and audio CD. CD never used. Cards used a couple of times, but they are all in excellent, like new condition. $20
 Saxon Math 3 Teacher Manual and Student Book 2 - TM is in good condition; Student book is brand new; $20
 Sonlight Fun Tales Readers, Gr. K5 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Missing the first two books. Books 3-27 are included
 Awesome Science Explore Grand Canyon, Grs. K-8 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Explore with Noah Justice; Includes paperback study guide
 Awesome Science Explore Yellowstone, Grs. K-8 -- $8 ppd. Nice. DVD; Explore with Noah Justice; includes paperback study book
 The 5 Loves Languages of Children; Brand New; $6
 Strong Father's, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker; Brand New; $7
 Anything by Jennie Allen; Brand New; $7
 Stuck - Bible study by Jennie Allen; Brand New; $7
 Experiencing God Together Hardcover; New; $9
 He Chose the Nails; New; $7; paperback
 Lucado Inspirational Reader Hardback; $5
 Facing Your Giants; New; $8; Hardcover
 Outlive Your Life Hardcover; New $8
 Cure for the Common Life Hardcover; New $8
 Fearless Hardcover; New $8
 The Hole in Our Gospel Paperback; New $5
 Homespun Gifts From the Heart; Karen Ehman; paperback; New $5
 Huge cookbook. Fix-it and Forget-it; Like new; Paperback; $10
 The Peanut Allergy Answer Book; Paperback; New; $5
 How to Live with a Nut Allergy; Great condition; $5
 Jonathan Park Volume 2 - No Looking Back; Complete Set; Excellent condition; $15
 Jonathan Park Volume 1 - The Adventure Begins; Complete Set; Excellent Condition; $15
 One Thousand Gifts Companion Photo Book; New; Hardcover; $6
 Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half; Like New; Paperback; $8
 Women's of Faith Trusting God Bible Study; Hardcover; Brand New; $6
 When I Am Afraid Study; Paperback; Brand New; $9
 Practicing Hospitality; Great condition, just some minor cover wear; Paperback; $6
 A Homemade Year by Jerusalem Greer; Brand New; Paperback; $10
 Everyday Graces - Karen Santorum; Hardcover; Excellent condition except for an inscription on the inside; $12
 First Knits Softcover; Like New; $5
 Interweave Crocheted Gifts; Paperback; New; $5
 Pioneer Woman Cooks; Hardcover; Like New; $13
 More-with-Less Cookbook; Hardcover Spiral Bound; Like new; $8
 Homestead Blessings: The Art of Herbs; Watched Once; Like New; DVD; $15
 Beautiful Feet Books Complete Early American History; 16 books (two not pictured); teacher's guide and lesson plan book; brand new timeline, Your Story Hour audio CD set (pictured below); Everything is in either like new or brand new condition. Complete set for a full year of early American history. Grades 4-6, but I used with my 3rd grader too. $150
 If you Lived at the Time of the American Revolution; New; $4
 If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution; New; $4

If this goes well, I may have a yarn de-stash sale! ;)