Thursday, July 27, 2017


The garden basket has been full and overflowing the last few weeks. It's been wonderful, and when I have felt myself feeling slightly overwhelmed at the massive amount of veggies and work, I remind myself of the blessing it is to have an abundant garden. 

The can cellar shelves are starting to fill up and the freezer is full of berries, and there are still more to be picked and preserved. Simple but busy work to keep the hands busy and the heart full.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A {not-so-little} girl's room redo...

Three years ago, we painted Lily's room a very bright, vibrant coral color. It was the color of her choosing, and I have to admit that I painted that bright color on those walls quite reluctantly, me being a student of more subdued, neutral colors and finishes.

We finished later in the evening, after dark, and the coral was even brighter with the artificial lighting and a pink haze just seemed to hang in the air in that room. My sister even noticed the glow from her home which is about 150 yards away and in the woods!

I think I even told Lily that she better like that color for a long time because I was not planning on repainting anytime soon. I am not at all a fan of painting. I've done a ton of painting in our fifteen years in this home, but it's really far from one of my favorite things to do. 

And then she came to me this past February, asking if she could use her birthday money to buy paint for her room. Well, of course, she could spend her birthday money on that, but that also meant that mom and dad were going to have to be recruited to paint. And it's only been three years! That wasn't what I had in mind when I said it would be awhile before we painted again.

It only took us six months to actually get around to the painting part of it. I did have major surgery in March and we were away several times in May and June, but we finally leaped in and painted last week. We let the paint cure for a week, and tonight Brad hung everything on her walls and she spent some time getting everything just right. 

It turned out quite cute, and she was the sole one in charge of the decorating. She shopped our house, bringing in my great-grandma's old Singer sewing machine to use as her desk, pulling an old painting from a basement closet, and snagging an ammunition-box-turned-side-table as one of her nightstands. She may have robbed me of a few other goodies, but I was glad to give them to her. And when Brad walked in on her hanging her "happy lights" tonight, I heard him laugh and say, "You're just like your mom." 

And I'm quite okay with that.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


I was looking through old photos on my laptop last night and realized three things:
1. My kids are getting so old.
2. I can't believe how young I used to look.
3. My life has been very full and blessed.

We've made a lot of really cool memories over the past thirteen years with our kids. And I'm so happy that I made it a point to pick up my camera often to catch a still frame of the moment.

So even though my kids are not so keen on me taking their photos anymore, I'm still going to sugar-coat my pleas to them and snap whatever pictures I can in those rare instances when they give their permission.

Cheers to making and capturing memories!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

right now...

We recently returned home after spending about a week in South Carolina with our friends. It was such a refreshing visit, and neither Brad nor I were quite ready to return home. They really are like family, so we always feel right at home when we stay with them.

But alas, here we are and we returned to some craziness indeed. There were various happenings that kept me very busy and a bit on edge, and Lily (who recently started treatment for Lyme's disease) had a bit of a relapse that required an ER visit Sunday night. I had to take Ian to the doctor yesterday to get his finger lanced after he got stung by something in the ocean while at SC and it got infected. It's just been crazy and strange, you guys!

Lily... oh I feel so horrible for her. She's been laying around in bed since Sunday morning, so sick with the Lyme's as well as from side effects of the antibiotics she has to take. It hurts me to see my kids sick, it really does.  I'm doing my best, feeding her nutritious foods and loving on her bunches, but she is so nauseated that she basically has to be forced to eat. I called the doctor today and we're going to give it a couple more days before we discuss possibly switching the med. She's on amoxicillin which is actually much milder than some of the other meds used to treat Lyme's. I'm really praying that she begins to tolerate it better so we can stay on course. So for now I'm trying to push protein-rich foods and giving her a daily probiotic.

We came home to a flourishing garden! It always amazes me how much a garden can grow in a week's time. We've been enjoying the bounty of those beautiful plants. Grilled veggies. Blueberry pancakes. Cucumber salads. Bags of berries for the freezer.

I'm also fermenting two jars of cukes. Fermenting is my absolute favorite way to prepare pickles. I throw in a bunch of garlic and some red onions as well as some dill, and the end result is just amazing! Pickles prepared this way never last long in our home. 

I've also dove into the world of kombucha brewing. Our SC friends' neighbor brews his own and had some SCOBY's that he gave me to start my own. As with most things, I just jumped right in. I spent quite a bit of our drive home online researching kombucha brewing. The SCOBY is so strange looking. It actually looks and feels like a piece of raw chicken. It's very alien-like!

Today, I'm immersed in laundry (like most days) and preparing for an upcoming yard sale that I'm having. And I'm on my second cup of coffee which hasn't happened in a LONG time. Just need a bit more of a boost today.

Have a good one!