Friday, October 5, 2012

Today (Homeschool, Ukraine, crochet, chickens, and garden)...

It's early still. The sun is still rising in the east, up over these gorgeous hills that surround us. The view here really is amazing, this view from atop the hill we've planted our little family on, when one slows enough to breath it in.

Today promises to be a very busy day. Some school lessons this morning (the two little ones are already busy with their independent lessons), homeschool co-op this afternoon, soccer again this evening.

I'm finishing up my last-minute preparations for the geography class I teach at our co-op. Today we'll be studying Ukraine, a country close to my heart and one that runs through my blood. Lily and I will be making Medianyky (honey cookies) a bit later this morning to share with my class.


An early morning visit to my lovely chickens who I am so very thankful for led to some cleaning up in their coop as well as me mixing up a little homemade treat for them. A mix of barley, oats, dried corn, and some other seeds sprinkled over the compost pile I have going in their chicken run.

It's really quite lovely. This relationship I have with these chickens of mine. Symbiotic. I feed them, care for them, love on them really. They lay eggs that feed our family and they work (unknowingly) on scratching up a lovely mixture of compost that will nurture our gardens next spring. It's one of the joyful, fulfilling things about all this we have going on here.


A glimpse into our gardens finds many plants that are slowly nodding off to sleep. But the brussel sprouts are beautiful and ready to be plucked off for some wonderful meals.

And these berries. Oh, these berries. Do you know how glorious it is to be rewarded with a bowl-full of berries in the fall?

And, of course, my hands have been busy crocheting. I'm whipping up a few more pumpkin hats that I received much-appreciated orders for. And I picked up some more delicious yarn yesterday for some more projects I plan on starting very soon.

Well, I shall be going now. Goodness knows, there is plenty to do before we whisk off for co-op later.

Have a blessed day!