Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Crochet Addiction...

The yarn and hook in my hand just goes along with this time of year.

My summers might be crazy with gardening and preserving, but when most of the garden is harvested and the weather begins to chill, my basket of yarn becomes an almost constant companion.

A fun little pumpkin hat for my nephew... I finished this little hat and, right away, had to deliver it to the sweet, chubby little recipient.

Oh my, the hat looks one hundred times cuter atop this scrumptious little face...

He is simply the most huggable, squeezable, well-behaved baby ever. Perfect for snuggling!

And then there's my Granny-hexagon afghan I'm working on as a Christmas gift for Lily. Still have a long way to go, but I have the finished ones stacked on top of our bed mantel, and they look so cheerful and pretty. They make me smile.

And the other project I finished is Ellie the Elephant (so-named by Lily.) She picked this pattern out and asked me to make her one. Although it only took about two hours total to crochet, I found myself having to rip out stitches and restart several times which is always frustrating. But, alas, it is finished, complete with buttons stitched on for eyes.

And she quite loves it. I'm thinking of making several more to put inside our Operation Christmas Child boxes this year. They are the perfect size for the boxes!

And, of course, there are more plans conjuring up there in this mind of mine. Ideas for Christmas gifts and handmade cozies for our home. And so I'm looking forward to these months ahead when life is a little more slow and more time can be devoted to creating.