Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy and Meaningful Christmas Crafts to Do With Your Children...

How in the world was I to know how many Christmas craft resources were out there on the world wide web? Of course, there was a prolific amount of the more secular crafts pertaining to Santa, snowmen, and Rudolph than there were Christ-centered crafts.

But my search parameters were clear in my mind: I need to find crafts that have a Christ-centered meaning to them (or could be adapted by the parent to have such a meaning) and they needed to be easy and not too time-consuming because, if you're like me, you probably wouldn't do them if they were.

So, starting here at my little blog, here is a quick and easy nativity craft I did with the two younger ones this past Sunday.

Easy Nativity Scene


These templates - available in either B&W or color; if you are doing this with older children or want to drag this craft out a little longer, use the B&W so your child will have to color them; if, like me, you only have time for a quick craft, use the colored ones. Oh, and by the way, I saved these templates to my computer and then inserted them into a Word document so I could re-size them and make them smaller before printing them out.

4 large popsicle sticks (or make do with the regular-sized ones if that's all you have)

piece of colored paper for the night sky background

markers/crayons - if your child is doing the coloring

Elmer's white glue and a glue stick

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory. If your children are younger, you may want to help them cut out their shapes.

We glued on the popsicle sticks for the stable first and then mounted the characters using a glue stick.

Also, I chose not to include the wise men since they were not present on the night Christ was born (contrary to how it's usually portrayed) but rather traveled to see Him when He was approximately two years old. I find the inclusion of the three wise men in the Christmas story to be very confusing to children.

Ian thought Joseph needed more facial hair... :)

And to make this craft even more meaningful, you as the parent could retell the Christmas story and answer any questions your child(ren) may have regarding this monumental event in history.

Another great resource I am using in my Sunday School class at church is this Advent coloring book. By the way, I really like Minstry-to-Children's website. This is an awesome resource site!

These drawings are just darling, and they are made to have one picture per week of Advent to color. There is also a cover page for your child to color so with my girls at church, we are coloring one page each Sunday, mounting them on red construction paper, and then will bind them into a book at the end for them to take home the Sunday before Christmas.

Now, moving on to the crafts I found online...

Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

along with this link here for a story on the origin of the candy cane and how to tie it into Jesus and His life.

An easy cut and paste evergreen tree that displays the true message of Christmas

Handmade cards - a great idea to teach children the importance of taking time to create from the heart for those they love.

Handy Coasters - great gift to the grandparents!

Helping Hand Wreath

Spool Doll Nativity

Bethlehem Backdrop

to use with ...

Mary and Joseph

Ichthys (Jesus Fish) Ornament

Children's Chrismons Ornaments

Paper nativity (just print, cut, fold, and tape)

Christmas message stars
(contains instructions for an easy or a harder star depending on child's age)

Yarn Holiday Cross

Christmas Cube Ornament

Baby Jesus Ornament

Mosaic Candles
(Shine the light of Christ!)

Simple (but so cute) clothespin nativity

Another variation of the candy cane craft
(Again use the link provided in the first candy cane craft to tie this secular symbol in with a Christ-centered theme.)

Rejoicing Angels Watercolor Painting

True Meaning of Christmas Ornaments

Okay, and I know that the following craft is much more time-consuming than all the rest, but when I saw this craft, my heart just melted. Adorable. I think it could become a family heirloom.

Wooden Block Nativity

I hope you enjoy making memories with your kids! Just remember, don't overwhelm yourself trying to do a bunch of these. Just pick one or two that you think your children would like and go with it.

Have a blessed day!


Unknown said...

I just found your blog and am so excited about these meaningful Christmas crafts! As a busy homeschooling mom, I do not have time to surf the web in search of Christ-centered Christmas crafts but so want to give more meaning to this season for my 6 year old. I'm not on Pinterest, nor do I care to be, so your sight has been a blessing to me. Thank you and God bless you!!!


Unknown said...

You have a wonderful blog. This is really worth to read and it helps a lot of people to learn new information. Please keep on posting. Thank you.