Monday, December 5, 2011

Because I often appreciate a boring day at home...

Wow. I have felt so busy lately. In the midst of some mindful intentions to sloooooowwwww down, it seems like these last two weeks have been busier than ever.

My college roommate, April, got married this past Saturday. It was a lovely wedding, and she looked absolutely gorgeous, but as I was driving home, I was pondering why I was so stinking tired. And then my husband pointed out to me that I was out every single night of the past week, only excluding Monday.

I really do not like weeks like that. I'm much more of a homebody. Call me boring if you want, but I would much rather be in my cozy home in the evening with my family playing board games or reading (especially this time of year) than out running around, busy outside of my home. I like to be home.

I'd like to say that I can do it all, or at least more. I used to really believe I could. But that was pre-anxiety/panic attack days, before God opened my eyes up to my stubborn, selfish, independent streak. Now I know better. I can't do anything. At least not for long or very successfully if I'm not doing it with Him right beside me. And I like it that way. It takes a load off, you know. (So, those of you who speak to me on a regular basis, remind me of that the next time I'm trying to analyze my way through my struggles.) :)

Today's plans include our homeschool lessons, the movie Robin Hood (we're studying the Middle Ages and finishing up the book Robin Hood), and staying home. Yay! The first day of not having to go anywhere in over a week.

So enjoy your day; I pray that it would be most blessed. And, Lord-willing, join me here tomorrow for a post on handmade gifts for Christmas. I found some good ones!


annie said...

Blessings this day!

Wendi said...

Days at home are the best! Hope you get enjoy more of those boring days. :)