Friday, May 20, 2011

The Power of Prayer in Your Husband's Life

We have an obligation as wives to daily lift our husbands up in prayer. Prayer is so much more powerful than we realize. It has life-changing power.

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As I touched upon yesterday, there are times when we need to keep our lips zipped and, instead, pray for wisdom in issues concerning our husbands. There have been times when my dear husband has been stressed to the max over things in life, and as much as I've wanted to offer solutions to his stresses, I felt the Spirit nudging me to remain quiet and instead pray.

You see, we don't know everything. We don't even know what all of our husband's needs are. But we serve the One who does, so we can trust Him with our concerns for our husbands.

Are you having a hard time submitting to your husband's authority in you home? Pray and ask God for the strength to fully submit. Are you concerned over how stressed out your husband is? Ask God to intervene and to bring peace and joy into your husband's life.

Are you discouraged or frustrated because your husband, although saved, is neglecting his relationship with God and has, subsequently, been miserable and taking it out on you? Again, pray for God to intervene in this. Maybe your husband isn't saved. Instead of preaching and nagging him about coming to church with you, pray that God would soften his heart towards Him and prepare Him for acceptance of His gift.

And we shouldn't tell God how or what to do with our husbands when we pray. Our prayers should not be selfish ones that, when answered how we would like, would benefit only us. Instead, when we pray for our husbands we should pray out of concern for their well-being and out of a desire for our husbands to be blessed.

That leads me to the next thought. We shouldn't pray, "God please make ______ realize how horrible he's been. I just can't stand him anymore, and if You don't do something soon, I'm going to give up!"

That would be a selfish prayer. Oh, ladies, I know it's hard when we think we know best and we have to bite our tongue and keep our "well-meaning" advice to ourselves. But when we look back in retrospect, I bet that more times than not we will see how bridling our tongues in those situations was the right and godly thing to do.

Instead when we pray for our husbands, we should thank God for him, for his strengths, for the growth you see in him (even if it's small), and for the kind things he does for you and your family. Then we should pray for his specific needs and weaknesses, but not in a condescending, "I'm holier than him" way.

And we then must not forget to pray for ourselves and for wisdom in how we can be a blessing to our husbands. "God, how can I bless my husband today? What things can I do to make his life more joyful and easier? How can I help to relieve the daily stress he faces out in the world? God, what do I need to change about myself to be the wife that you designed me to be? Lord, what characteristics and personality traits of mine can lead to my husband becoming exasperated? Father, I want to serve my husband and build my husband up, show me specifically some ways that I can do that."

And sometimes these prayers are not answered as quickly as we would like. I've heard of women who were married to unsaved men who, despite their wives' prayers, remained unsaved for a good portion of their lives. But God sees the persistence in your prayers. And He desires for your husband to come into the fold also. But only God has the power to change your husband's heart.

You cannot force salvation upon a person; it would not be genuine faith. Our unsaved husbands must come to the Spirit-led decision to convert through the divine guidance and intervention of our Lord. So persevere in your prayers and be watchful of your words and actions. Remember what the Bible says about wives being able to usher along their husband's acceptance of the faith through her kind, soft words and actions. Persevere, ladies. Persevere in prayer and through strength in the Holy Spirit. I can only imagine how difficult and frustrating it can be, but God blesses our faithfulness.

Prayer. Prayer has the power to change our husband's lives. Our faithful prayer has the power to guide us as we interact with our husbands, and, subsequently change our husbands. Prayer has the power to help us live fully even through difficult marriages. Prayer for our husbands and our marriages keeps us focused on the Lord's will for our marriage.

I challenge you to lift your husband up to the Lord in prayer each day. If your husband is saved, you could even ask him in what areas he would like prayer. And there are times when you should just lay aside everything else, lay your hands on your husband and pray out loud for him.

Prayer has unlimited power to touch our husbands and bless them and bring them into fullness with their Father.

Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend!


Monica said...

Amber, it encourages me to see a woman speaking out on these issues! I am your newest fan! I hope some of my "fans" see that I follow you and come and read your very annointed posts! Thank you for being a wonderful woman of God!

Lora said...

Thank you so much for doing this series. I have been following your blog for a while now, but have never commented. My husband and I have been having some difficulties, and his walk with the Lord is a bit bumpy right now. With Gods guidence and this series, I am being molded into the wife He created me to be.
Thank you so much!!!!

Sarah said...

Prayer is most definitely one of the things I need to make more of an effort at, especially when it concerns my hubby... found your blog today via the homemaking link up and had a moment to mosey around while my babes are napping. Feel free to stop by my "place" sometime if you'd like too. I will be adding your blog to my reader too so I can follow along! Thanks so much!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have been reading your posts on marriage husbands wives marriage bed tonight. My spouce has been a verbal abuser for some time. It is not easy to deal with all the hatered from him. Before christmas 2011 he more less walked out on our marriage & the kids. Leaving telling me he gave the kids over to me & they were my responsabilty. We now live in the same house but have no real marriage. Most of the time he secludes himself in the basement with his dog or leaves with the dog. Just a means of finances. He refuses to pay child support. Continualy threatens to have an affair along with telling me to go have an affair. Tells me to get out of his house every week. Continues to rant about wanting a divorce but still has not filed. Calls me satan & says I am the work of the devil. i continue to pray but wonder just how much God expects me to take. I will continue to read & search your posts for guidance but it has gotten so bad I really fill like giving up & running. Blessings to you!