Sunday, November 1, 2009

Passing it on...

As I mentioned yesterday, my mom, Lily and I made hollibchu (Ukrainian cabbage rolls) yesterday. My mom and I actually started them on Friday night because they are very time-consuming and so we wanted to break it up a little.

Lily tagged along on Saturday to help. She's my little helper. Always eager to tie on her apron and help out in the kitchen. Or grab the feather duster and help me dust. I love that she is so eager to help out with the domestic affairs of life!!!

While we were all working together, I realized that there were three generations of us making a treasured recipe of my grandmother's. How special those moments were. And Lily learned how to roll her first hollibchu.

So while I was stuffing cabbage leaves with rice, I thought of how awesome it would be to make a recipe scrapbook of all of our family recipes and pics of Lily and I making them. Then someday I can give it to her when she has a home of her own.

I'm so excited to get started on this. I think that this will be a treasure, and I'm thinking of making a duplicate for myself!


Wendi said...

I have been making a recipe scrapbook for Megan. I plan to give it to her at her wedding shower.

Simple said...

That's such a fabulous idea!! Aww! Have a blessed day, Fine Linen

Hamilton Hemingway said...

I had a similar idea recently but I haven't started it yet - hope to soon though!!