Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some total randomness...

I'm feeling very scatterbrained this morning so this post will most likely express that. Just a warning.

This is my friend Carmen's farm. I love Carmen. She's one of those special friends that always makes me feel so welcome in her home. She pays attention to the small things, the details, and always makes me feel so special when I visit (which is as often as I can!)

Yesterday, I stopped to get eggs and she had chocolate muffins ready for me to take too. Be still my heart ~ chocolate muffins with chocolate chips in them. They were super yummy.

And she doesn't seem to mind drop-ins either. You know, when I stop in unannounced or last-minute. She's the kind of friend I can do that with. I think everyone needs a friend like that! And I'm pretty sure she knows that I don't mind when she drops in unexpected!

I love their driveway. It's tree-lined, and I've always wanted to have a tree-lined driveway!

Oh, and look at these trees. They're almost completely bare. I noticed that for the first time coming home from town yesterday.

Oh, and this is something I've always loved. This fence-lined portion of our road is about 1/4 of a mile from our home. I love this stretch. There's just something about a white fence that makes my heart pitter-patter.

We had some fall fun yesterday afternoon. Lots of leaves to jump in. The girls had lots of fun.

You may have noticed Ian's absence in the "fall fun" pics. I fear my little boy is growing up. He would rather build with his Star Wars legos than jump in the leaves with his sister and cousin. Sigh.

Then Lily found a tiny little worm. And she was enthralled. She named it Wormy, of course. She wanted to bring it in the house and give it a warm bed to sleep in. She's very caring like that.

This morning, Lily and I are heading to my mom's with our aprons. We're making hollibchu. What is hollibchu, you may ask? Well, it is simply the Ukrainian version of cabbage rolls (and so much better than ANY other cabbage roll I've ever tasted.) My grandma's recipe, and it was probably her mom's recipe before that. So that makes it extra special. A recipe passed down through the generations. We have a few of those around here.

Did I ever tell you that I'm Ukrainian? That makes having Sergei here even more exciting! If only I had retained more from the language lessons my grandparents gave me when I was young!

Well, I best be going. We've got a busy day planned today!

Have a blessed weekend!


Sarah said...

What great pictures!!! It is funny because we had a storm last light and it was super windy and now our trees are almost bear also....but it is o.k., I am reasdy for snow. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and enjoyed visiting your blog. In July/Aug 2010 I was in Ukraine as well as other Eastern European countries. It was a wonderful trip and the country is absolutely beautiful...the countryside I saw. The cities were cities but clean and really had a blast at a HUGE flea market.