Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Knee Deep in Ribbon

I've made a big, big mess.

I dug into my ribbon and button stash and made a few bookmarks. I saw these in Family Fun magazine and thought they were so cute.

I'm not sure where these bookmarks will find a home. I know I'm keeping one for myself to replace my highlighter bookmark that I'm currently using. Lily's already called dibs on one of the pink ones.

I found a treasure of vintage buttons in my grandparents' old manual Singer sewing machine, so I used a few of those on these.

These were fun and quick to make. I used hot glue for the buttons and fabric glue to layer the ribbon.

I'm so glad I actually have a "real" bookmark now. I haven't owned one of those since junior high.

I also made a hair band out of a bunch of ribbon scraps. I'm hoping Lily will actually wear this one. She hasn't worn the last barrettes I made since the day she posed for my pics. She's not the type to tolerate anything in her hair. Sigh. That saddens me since I'd really like an excuse to buy one of these cute barrettes from Amanda.

Okay, this is the Singer machine that I "inherited" from my grandparents'. (This is the only pic I have.) Inside these drawers were a slew of treasures - old vintage buttons, needles, wooden spools and needle packages. Well, I cleaned out all of the larger drawers when I first moved it into our house five years ago. However, I never cleaned out the top middle drawer.

I knew there were more buttons in that drawer so I searched its contents today when I was making the bookmarks, and I found this little treasure...

An old wood needle case. The case is marked "The Boye Needle Co. Chicago-New York-San Francisco." I can't believe I didn't see it in there before. I'm going to add it to my little bowl of wooden spools. Yay!

Stay tuned tomorrow. The kids and I did some Christmas crafts today that I will share with you all tomorrow.


Annette said...

I love Family Fun :) we are going to try the snowflakes (fabric glue/wax paper)...I like the snowflakes and am with Lily on the pink one :). very cute!

Amanda said...

Lovin' the bookmarks! Those would be great Christmas gifts! I'm in love with the vintage buttons...awesome treasures for sure! :-)

Your pony holder is "TOO QUTE!" Great job!!!!!


Loved Mommy said...

Can you be anymore amazing? Hey can I get your cookie recipe???

BurttBunch said...

Yeah...we had people inside and a tree and the fireplace had coconut fire. It was pretty cool...I think I like the inside the best!

Your craft ideas are so cool....who would have thought of a button bookmark? ANd neat treasures from the sewing machine. What a great momento.

Hope all is well...enjoy the homeschool thing today! I couldn't go...I would have had to leave early to get Malachi to school.

Christian said...

This is so worth the mess!