Thursday, November 6, 2008

Warm up those crocheting/knitting needles!

Know how to knit or crochet? Wanna make someone feel appreciated this winter season? Wanna show your respect and appreciation for the war veterans that had served so selflessly to preserve the safety and rights of our country? Then I invite you to head over here and check out this awesome program that provides knitted/crocheted scarves and hats to veterans all over the country.

I'll be participating. I think I'm even going to tie this project in with our homeschooling and talk with my kids about WWII and how our soldiers so bravely served our country. What a great opportunity to help others and teach my children the importance of serving others.


BurttBunch said...

What a great idea! I wish I could do that....what a nice way to show our appreciation!

Loved Mommy said...

Well it's sort of boring...I just ramble...but yes I do LOVE your blog and check it daily!!! Take care! Hugs!