Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pretty and Practical

I made this checkbook cover following a tutorial I found here. I love it. It looks so much prettier than the old plastic generic one I used to use. It wasn't very difficult either, which I absolutely love. It was one of those quick sewing projects that provide immediate gratification.

I think I might dig out some of that ribbon I have and pretty this up even more.

Oh, and I'm still digging myself out of my messy master bedroom. There's been quite a bit of progress though. Here's a small sneak peak...


Katie said...

Hi, Amber! That is such a cute checkbook cover that you made! What a great Christams gift for my mom...haha!

About the hydrangeas...some varieties I have had a lot of luck with, and others not so much. The limelights have done INCREDIBLY well for me. I planted them Summer '07, and they bloomed that same summer! WOW! I've never had that happen before. And this year, they were loaded with blooms. Everyone I have talked to had a lot of luck with the limelights. I am really hoping that I can propagate them easily, and then offer them (freely) to friends. So if next summer I have luck making babies from it, I'll be posting it on my blog.

I bought an Endless Summer hydrangea about 5 years ago and it has maybe given me three blooms in it's entire lifespan. Mine has been a total dud. I am going to move it to see if it's the location.

I wish you luck with your hydrangeas! They are so beautiful, aren't they?!?

Heather said...

Lovely checkbook cover!

I smiled looking at your bookshelf. Fall on Your Knees, She's Come Undone, The Lovely Bones, and The Red Tent are all favorites of mine!

Shannon said...

That is so cute!!

melissa said...

Oh, I love that checkbook cover! Very cute! Will you please come to my master bedroom? I'm trying to organize it as well~it's just a catch all for everything right now. Good luck with yours!

Linda said...

Hi there - thanks for stopping by! The lower wall color is called Caramel #EB26-3 form the Craftsmen Bungalow Eddie Bauer Collection at Lowe's. I also used it in my living room - you can see pics of that by clicking on the photo of my front door on the right. It is the only paint in my house that is not Benjamin Moore and it was wonderful paint. Great coverage. Hope that helps!

Amanda said...

The check book cover is lovely. I so need to learn how to use my sewing mach.

Can't wait to see the rest of the closet. Your progress looks fabulous!