Monday, April 20, 2015


Could we have asked for a more beautiful weekend?

I spent the first half of Saturday at a homeschool workshop/curriculum fair that the co-op we belong to sponsored. The second half of the day was spent outside, cleaning up the raised beds and doing other outside work. We finished the day up with our first fire of the year and some yummy cook-out food for dinner.

These next two weeks are packed full of appointments and obligations. I'm honestly trying not to let it overwhelm me. I don't like busyness away from home. It complicates my life. It results in an unkempt home. It exhausts me and the kids. But these are necessary things that have to be taken care of, so I'm going to really focus on taking it all in stride.

The old photos? My maternal grandparents. Papa and Gammy. They were both truly influential people in my life. My Gammy was like a mom to me. I spent many, many days "living" at their farmhouse during my growing-up years. I miss them both, but look forward to the day when I'll see them again in the presence of Jesus. I think about how much my Gammy impacted me and the woman I've become. And she was the one who taught me to crochet and knit. She's my little Ukrainian babushka who taught me so many things about serving happily at home. I love her.

Have a blessed day!


Wendi said...

Lily's reading choice made me smile.

Monica said...

Looks like a perfect weekend to me! I agree, I don't like busyness away from home. I do love it AT home. :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What refreshing and lovely pictures. You have a lovely home. We spent a great deal this weekend enjoying yard work. Blessings. I stopped by from Wendi's.

Lisa said...

We, too, enjoyed a glorious weekend! In fact, it was an unseasonal 80 degrees yesterday which made for a lovely beginning to the week! Things are cooling down and the rains are returning for the rest of this week, but we enjoyed working outdoors and grilling and our first bonfire, too. :)
I totally get the impact of busy weeks, as I, too, am a homebody who thoroughly enjoys the last four miles of our drive home anytime I have to be in town much.
xo Lisa