Thursday, April 16, 2015

no willpower

God bless my husband. Really. I have no willpower when it comes to animals and furry things.

Yesterday I ran to a local chicken farm to pick out TWO cochins. Lily and I have wanted feathered-footed chickens for the last two years. They're not the greatest layers so they're more for fun. So it was somewhat of a luxury purchase.

So we walked into the chicken house at the farm, and I knew I was in trouble. I don't even remember how many different types of chickens there were, but they were everywhere.

To keep things short and tidy, I left with three cochins (the feather-footed chickens), three Rhode Island Reds, and three Black Australorps. But, really, I only went to get two cochins.

And I almost came home with a couple of turkeys as well. The ONLY thing that held me back from that was knowing that if I did buy turkeys, my poor husband would have yet another building project on his plate. Oh, but my mind was turning, trying to figure out how I could house a couple of turkeys, it really was.

So our poultry count is now twenty-four hens, one rooster, seven older chicks, nine baby chicks, and twenty-five meat chickens that we'll be receiving at the end of the month.

We've got a lot of chicken here, people!

Brad came home from work last night and had a Starbucks Americano with steamed soy, just for me. It's my favorite Starbucks drink. I so appreciated that little act of love, and I even more appreciated when he didn't get upset when I told him how many chickens I came home with. Actually, he wasn't even surprised. He's knows me so well.

I have a great hubby. 


Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Yes, you are truly blessed!!! Husbands are wonderful aren't they? I love mine also!!
It sound like you have just the right amount of chickens haha!! I miss not having my own chickens. Loved the taste of real free range eggs, I will have them again someday!! God bless you and your day!!

Rachel E. said...

I am chuckling. So nice of hubby to bring a drink. Mine does that sometimes.

Simply Quaint said...

Lol Amber you sound like me, I am a glutten, this is one reason why we don't have any chickens yet, it always tends to be more work for Hubby, and lord knows his plate is totally full, he works 7 days a week and has a mile long honey do list... Bless you, it sounds like you and Liky had fun 😃


harknessangels said...

I have no willpower either. I will be popping in the farm & pet center this weekend and I heard they have Ameraucanas chicks. Hopefully I stick to the number I have decided upon, but that is subject to change. ;)

My Garden Diaries said...

Such a glorious sight there at your place with all of your furry friends!! You had me chuckling about having to restrain yourself! HA! I know that feeling! Beautiful photos friend and a happy weekend to you!!! Nicole xo

Heather said...

There's something about chickens...they're addictive! I'm so glad you got some cochins. We have just one. Maybe I need another...?

They are supposed to be super sweeties, so what they lack in egg laying I hear they make up for in personality and love.

Brad sounds like such a swell guy. Amber, are you on Instagram? I'd love to see more random posts from your farm life!