Thursday, January 29, 2015

studio progress

I spent some time getting my new space set up yesterday. It's mostly done, yet the walls are still quite bare which definitely will change over time as this space evolves into what I've been envisioning.

In the meantime, it's definitely functional and so much nicer than working out of closets and drawers and bins. It is glorious to feel organized and to have a dedicated creative spot.


Unknown said...

I love it Amber. So nice to have your own space!


Pam said...

How fun. It is wonderful. I love studio posts and am excited for when I can my studio put together as well.. I am in hold for the moment, but hopefully in the near future. Enjoy; I can see you working and being inspired there.

Joy said...

Okay, that bookshelf full of yarn? Love it! Your space looks so cozy and inviting. I love that it's creative and yet uncluttered. ♥Joy

harknessangels said...

What a fabulous creative space. So inspiring! Congrats!