Monday, November 3, 2014

Falling into November

Wow. October was a wonderful month. The changing of the leaves this year seemed so much more vibrant to me than in years past. Perhaps it was because we seemed to have more sunny blue skies set as the backdrop this fall. Regardless, we spent a lot of time outdoors soaking in the unusual amount of sun and enjoying the temperate weather.

Our hours have been filled with the usual ~ school lessons, meal-making, some baking, and housework. I've also been busy preparing for the open house I am hosting this December. If you are local, I want to extend an invitation to you. I'm really excited about this year's event. We have some wonderful artisans bringing their wares. You can check out the event page on Facebook to see some of the samples of what our open house will have to offer.

And, of course, I'm filling in all of my extra minutes with yarn. It's such a cozy hobby for this chilly time of the year. I settle in on the couch with my yarn and hook and a mug of hot tea after the kids are snuggled into bed. I often find myself daydreaming about blocking periods of time each day to crochet, but my time is very limited, so I just sneak a bit of it in here and there. But I do suppose that my yarn habits are a bit more than just a hobby these days. They have also been providing a little bit of extra money for our family which is nice. It's wonderful to love what you do.

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Lulu said...

just love your homey home,so nice..
Its like a comfort on a rainy day..
have a beautiful day...