Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getting Ready

Oh, how I've missed posting here on a regular basis. The activities of this month have kept me so busy that I've hardly had the mental capacity to string together words here in this space.

We belong to three homeschooling groups this year (4-H, a co-op, and writing club) which has kept us hopping every week. Although we don't have all three of these groups each week, they are scheduled in such a way that we always have at least one day a week out of our home at one of the groups. This is a new thing for us this year, and I had to weigh the various benefits versus the negatives when making the decision to participate in all three groups. This year we (meaning Brad and I) found it necessary to participate in all three for various reasons. It has, admittedly, been a nice change, but it has kept us out of the home more than what we've been used to in the past years.

Ian just played his last soccer game last weekend, which will free up two evenings and a Saturday morning each week. He enjoys playing soccer, and I enjoy watching him play, but it's always nice to see that busy season come to an end for several months.

A Lovely Yarn has also kept me quite busy between custom orders and preparing for a couple of upcoming shows. I'm hosting another Handmade Christmas Open House here at our home on December 6th. I'm looking forward to having various local artisans bring their wares in for the community. Our last open house was quite a success, and I have added a few new potential artisans to the schedule. I also have another one-day show coming up next month. This show benefits a local elementary school.

Oh, and winterizing the outdoors and the animals... Brad was finally able to find the time to complete the installation of the electric out to the alpaca barn. That was a big thing to cross off of his to-do list. I'm always so thankful for his handyness. It's quite helpful when you live the lifestyle we are trying to live.

I'm working with one of our alpacas who has proven himself to be quite stubborn. He is the most pleasant, curious alpaca of the bunch until he needs touched for vaccinations or anything else. And when I put him on his halter and try to walk him he either braces his front legs and refuses to walk or lays down in rebellion. Oh, he's driving me nutty, but I refuse to give up on him. Just as Majestico was a challenge to gain his trust, I was determined to do so and now he eats out of our hands and hangs around us. So I am mustering up the same determination as I work with Gandor.

And we are acquiring another new animal. This Saturday, we will be receiving a donkey named Tyke from friends of ours who need to re-home him. Tyke was trained to guard the goats at our friends' home so I'm hoping he transitions into the same role in our alpaca pasture. I'm really excited about this new addition, and it took us all summer and part of fall to commit to it simply because of this being our first winter with the alpacas and not knowing how it will go. But I, being the huge softie that I am, as well as my kiddos (who are equally just as soft when it comes to animals) somehow got Brad to cave and commit. Haha. This is how it always seems to go. I see an animal and immediately want to take it on, where Brad is the more logical and practical one and considers the finances and such. Yep, good thing we have one another to balance things up a bit. All teasing aside, Brad is excited for the newest addition too!

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Lulu said...

always busy at the farm...Such a beautiful place..
you always make beautiful things..
have a great rest of Sunday..