Monday, August 4, 2014

days of rest

Ah, Monday. And here you roll around once again. (I may be a bit of a nerd, but I actually enjoy Mondays, for the most part. I see Mondays as a fresh start.)

Our big plans for the weekend fell through the cracks as we all were feeling a bit ill. Whatever this virus is, it surely is one tough little bugger that enjoys setting up long-term residence. So we're still drinking lots of hot tea, taking mega-doses of Vitamin C, and peppering many moments of rest throughout our days. It's a bit frustrating to feel sub-par when I have so many things to do out in the garden and here in the kitchen as well. However, I have learned that my body needs rest when it is sick. Rest is essential to being well again. And so I rest.

In the midst of all of that rest, my shop inventory is growing. For whatever reason, I am feeling mighty focused and motivated with my yarn and hook (or needles.) Even though my body requires more idleness, my hands do not, which translates into many completed projects. I made this Cade Cap from The Velvet Acorn last week. My first one is pictured above, and I loved the pattern so much that I went on to make three more to sell. Speaking of selling, my Etsy shop is still in need of a big update, but right now my focus is on stocking up for the festival I'll be attending in September.

That picture up there of my wonderful husband in the kitchen? Yes, well, it is rare that Brad cooks. That's pretty much my job here in our home. However, when I'm not feeling well, he always willingly picks up and pitches in. He made us dinner last night, and it was a delicious dinner at that. When we sat down to eat, he brought to our attention that every single thing on our plates was raised or grown by us. That amazes me. And thrills me. We were sustained last evening because of our hard work and the blessings God has given us through our plants and animals.

Not only did Brad help with the meal-making over the weekend, but he also put a big dent in the dirty laundry. I just have to give him kudos for his willingness to serve his family even above and beyond how he usually serves us. I feel very blessed to have a husband like him. Not that he's perfect. Ha, neither of us are perfect, but we are the perfect compliment to one another.

Oh, and during one of my short-lived energy bursts on Saturday, I went out to the gardens and picked peppers, broccoli, and cabbage. I started to ferment three large jars of cabbage. I added a bit of dill to each jar, and put some jalapenos and banana peppers into two of the jars. I really do love the taste of fermented food. And you add the health benefits? It's definitely a wonderful way to preserve food. Of course, a jar of fermented food is not going to be able to sit on the shelf for several years, but, honestly, we always go through the fermented food quickly around here. Another benefit of fermenting is that the process is much easier than canning. Yep, it is. You should try it. If you're interested in fermenting cabbage, I used this tutorial.

It's a very foggy morning. And chilly. Fifty-six degrees when I woke up. Such strange weather for August. But the cooler temps will be appreciated today since I will spending the day in the kitchen. There are bags of broccoli that need blanched and frozen and peppers that need canned or frozen. It will be a busy day.


Lulu said...

what a nice stash you have..
hope you are all well by now..
love that you included a pic of your doggie, so adorable..

Pam said...

I have enjoyed all of your beautiful pictures, and seeing all the wonderful "life" going on in your midst. Love the veggies, dogs, chickens, eggs, kids, llamas crochet projects. Your Fermented cabbage looks beautiful. I haven't tried it yet, but my girls have made some this summer and I look forward to hearing about it. I have read about the wonderful benefits of fermented foods and am wanting to do more preserving that way, just haven't done it yet. So I feel inspired by your pictures. Hope you all feel better soon. Have a great week.
Blessings Pam