Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Stitching

A day to rest is even more appreciated after a long, busy week full of errand-running, chauffeuring, and general busyness. Admittedly, I enjoy a slower pace to life. Brad and I attempt to be very judicious in choosing family and children activities so that they do not interrupt a sense of purposeful routine in our lives and the lives of our children. I don't know how some parents spend their evenings (and days) carting their children around from one activity to the next almost every day of the year. Oh, that kind of non-stop schedule, would have me hiding in the closet crying.

So last week's schedule (with the kids taking classes at a local college) was a bit busier than what we're used to around here. By week's end, both the kids and I were worn out and ready for a few days at home.

Yesterday, on our official "day of rest", Lily and I found ourselves on the back deck after church, stitching and crocheting. That was my plan for the entire afternoon. I knew it from the time I had woken that morning. I needed rest. Yarn and hook (or needle) makes me feel rested and at peace. So I spent several hours working on a couple of projects, finishing one and making a commendable amount of progress on the other. Lily worked on a handmade gift she was making for her cousin for his birthday.

I felt refreshed. I felt rested. I felt very happy that I had allowed myself that block of time to do something creative. Rest is good. As a mama, you just have to be intentional about it.


Wendi said...

Busy schedules make me want to go hide and cry also. I am glad that you were able to have a restful day.

Sandra said...

I don't do well with busyness, I much prefer quite moments spent at home with my crochet in hand.

Love your photos of your and your beautiful girl stitching :)