Monday, July 28, 2014

Making the best of it...

We've been sick. Sick with one of those awful summer colds that somehow don't feel quite as bad when acquired during the winter months. I think you know what I mean. Ian and I seem to have gotten it the worst. Lily is on the mend, and, so far, Brad seems to just have a touch of it. Ian is really down with this one, something that is quite unusual for him as he's usually the one whose immune system immediately kicks into high gear while the rest of us suffer for days. So I have an appointment for him at the pediatrician's this morning. It's been five days with a bad sore throat and cough, and while I typically would give it a few more days, we have some big plans for this weekend, and so we're praying for good health and hoping we're all well enough by Saturday.

Yesterday was our church's annual summer picnic. Last year I missed it because I was home with a very ill Lily. This year I missed it because I was home sick with Ian. Ha. Two years in a row missed. Hopefully next year will turn out better as I do really enjoy the summer picnic. Ian was also rather disappointed to have to miss too.

We are still very much enjoying eating from the bounty of our gardens this summer. It is such a blessing to be able to step off our back deck and gather a whole basketful of veggies and herbs for dinner. I love it. We still do not have green beans yet as we had to replant those, and our corn still has a while to go. We're hoping our corn survives the severe storm we had yesterday afternoon. The stalks were completely leveled afterwards, but we're hoping it will lift back up over the next couple of days.

We're just beginning to get ripe cherry tomatoes, much to Lily's delight. She's the designated cherry-tomato-picker in our home. And by choice. But she's always very good to share with everyone else. Unfortunately, our berries seem to be having a sleepy year. That's a big disappointment because we really do try to fill our freezers with berries to be used through the year, but that doesn't seem to be something that will be possible this year.

Not feeling well has forced me to be more intentional in getting rest. I've learned over the past few years, that rest is very important to my health. Gone are the days of pushing and pushing through sicknesses as that only led to prolonged, more serious sicknesses. So these last few days of rest have allowed for some wonderful crochet time, a more than usual amount on these typically very full days of summer. I finished a crocheted bag that I will share with you tomorrow (hopefully) and started a slouchy hat using this pattern from The Velvet Acorn. I love Heidi May's patterns, and have bought and used several of them.

More rain and storms are in the forecast for today which is okay with me. After Ian's doctor's appointment, I'm planning on taking it easy the rest of the day while ingesting copious amounts of steamy hot tea. And, of course, there will have to be some crocheting thrown in there for good measure. And a nap. Yes, most definitely a nap.


Wendi said...

I hope you are all well enough to enjoy your big plans.

Rachel E. said...

Our beans didn't do too well because of mexican bean beetles. I tore them down and plan to plant again this week. I also have some corn, but a long way to go.