Monday, June 30, 2014

a tree swing and other outdoor things...

We wrapped up a fun, busy week of Vacation Bible School with our closing program yesterday at church. My kids said that it was the best VBS yet, and I have to agree. We all had lots of fun, despite the busyness. I do have to say that our home has suffered for it, and this week is clean-up week here at home. There is a lot of clutter to clean up and things to put away in their place.

We enjoyed a gorgeous weekend. Brad spontaneously decided to put up a rope swing from one of our trees on Saturday. It's really the perfect tree for a swing, and we had talked about putting one up in the past. Brad watched a video on YouTube to figure out how to tie a slip knot that would permit the tree branch to grow. The swing went up rather effortlessly once we got it up and over the branch, and the kids have spent hours swinging on it since. I think I may have spent more time on it the first day it was up. Tree swings stir up all kinds of nostalgia in my mind. It reminds me of my grandparents' farm and swinging on the great tree swing they had there many an afternoon.

Ian and Lily spent some time cleaning an area out around the tree house. Ian wanted to clear the brush so that he could put in a small fire pit. Cleaning the area out mostly consisted of cutting down some small sassafras trees and cutting down a bunch of brush and briers. Then he built a ring out of stones he got from my brother-in-law. His next goal is to drag up a bunch of bricks that he found in the woods behind our house to finish up the fire ring.

Our gardens are nice and green although things seem to be a bit behind their normal growing schedule. Of course, the corn is not going to be "knee high by the fourth of July" because we had to replant it along with the beans. We are enjoying a nice harvest of lettuces and arugula as well as some very tasty green onions. I noticed last night that there are some small peppers on the pepper plants as well, so I'm thinking we should be enjoying those soon. And my herbs? Well, I already need to pull out my dehydrator and start drying oregano, basil, and thyme to be put back to use over the winter.


Wendi said...

Tree swings are the best! There is at at my father-in-laws. I enjoy it as much as the kids!

Unknown said...

I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.


Katy said...

That tree swing looks AMAZING!!! How fun!! :)

Those scripture rocks you asked about on my blog are right in the town I live in. I was leery about posting it (not because of you...but just being the but I suppose anyone could google them and find them anyway! It's in Brookville!