Thursday, February 27, 2014

To keep me cozy and warm

Well, the one positive thing about this cold, snowy winter is that it's permitted quite a bit of time for knitting and crocheting. Although my time is quite occupied throughout the day with schooling, cooking, and general housework, I do try to take advantage of the random moments of quiet and rest to pick up whatever yarn project I'm currently working on.

Still being rather new to knitting and desiring to build up my arsenal of knitting skills, I recently started this book. The basis of this pattern/teaching book is that you work on twelve different twelve-inch blocks that, at the end, you stitch together to make a larger afghan. Each block gets progressively more difficult and teaches more advanced skills. 

I'm excited to have started this learning project. The owner of Wexford Dry Goods recommended this book to me. She teaches it as a knitting class at her shop, but since I live over an hour away from the yarn shop, I'm doing it on my own. The book includes links to online videos that can be used to reinforce the written instructions. I anticipate that this project will span over the next year or so. I'd like to do two blocks a month and be able to finish it up in time for next fall, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to commit to that, especially when the planting/gardening season arrives. We shall see.

I've recently set out to making knitted hats for all of the family. Brad's already got two handknit hats. It was this pattern, one made with a DK weight for the not-quite-so-frigid days and one made in worsted weight to be worn on the colder days. Honestly, it's been cold enough that he's been wearing the DK-weight hat around the house. I made Lily a hat using this organic worsted weight cotton. Oh, do I love this yarn. It's also the yarn I'm using to make the above mentioned block project. I finished Lily's up last week and added some buttons over the weekend, per Lily's request. She literally has not taken that hat off since I gave it to her on Monday. She even goes to bed with it on. 

I'm going to be starting Ian's hat today, using the same pattern and worsted weight yarn that I used for Brad's hat. I think that I will probably add some color contrast by putting in a few strips of color.

I'm not sure that I mentioned this, but I finished my honey cowl. This was such an easy, relaxing cowl to knit. It was almost a mindless project which was perfect for working on while listening to Lily read or in the evenings while watching American Pickers with Brad. I will definitely be making more of these in the future. I think they would make wonderful gifts for Christmas next year. 

Today is another cold, gray day here in Western Pennsylvania so I think we'll be quite content staying in warm and toasty. Perhaps we'll do a bit of baking. We're all out of the granola I made last week, and I also pulled my recipe for Breakfast Cookies out of my recipe box this morning. These healthy cookies are easy to make and a yummy, nutritious snack. 

And I just saw this morning that we're expected to get another snow storm early next week. Another eight inches of snow. So as much as I'm ready to be able to fling open the windows and feel the warm spring air drifting in, I guess I can find some contentment in knowing that at least these winter days are conducive to cozy indoor projects.


Rachel E. said...

Amazed with your talent. Beautiful work.

Unknown said...

I always look forward to your posts. You inspire me! Love Lily's hat. Would love your recipe for the Breakfast cookies. : )


Lulu said...

what a beautiful hat..dif and your blog..

born imaginative. said...

For being a beginner, you're doing awesome! Knitting/crocheting isn't relaxing to me yet...I need to keep at it, but have a hard time motivating myself. I can't wait to see the hats!