Friday, February 28, 2014

Her new guitar

  (Looking through her Daddy's picks, trying to find the oh-so-perfect one.)
 (Daddy getting everything tuned.)

Lily is going to be starting guitar lessons. She's been asking for at least the last year, but we've always told her "No, not now."

However, considering that she's still interested, still asking, and was so interested that she was willing to buy the guitar with her own money she had saved up, we decided to go ahead and go with it. You never know until you try, right?

Brad picked her guitar up yesterday. She found out he was picking it up around lunchtime, and so began the incessant questioning, "Is Daddy going to be home soon???!!!" She was very excited. I can relate. I know how exciting it is to wait in anticipation for something you really want.

And, of course, our dinner sat on the table untouched for about 30 minutes after Brad got home and delivered the guitar into her hands. She just had to play on it for a bit. And Brad taught her a chord or something (I don't know anything, really, about guitars) and told her to keep practicing that over and over until she had it down.

Brad took about a year or so of formal guitar lessons. So he knows enough to teach her some basics, but the plan is to find her a guitar teacher. I have some possibilities that I'm waiting to hear back from before we get rolling. In the meantime, she'll learn what she can from her Daddy. It was really rather sweet last night. Watching the two of them sitting across from one another, strumming on the strings. A memory etched in my heart and mind.


Anonymous said...

Love that she's still wearing her hat, daily!

Pam said...

That is wonderful. She looks good with it. I'm sure she will be great at it. Love all of your knitting projects. They looks so cozy.

Lulu said...

so sweet...her precious face enjoying playing the guitar...beautiful hat..
love the pics of the doggie also..