Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow dog

Midi has proven to be a very nice addition to our family. Very nice indeed. And part of our plan for her is to be a bit of a "farm" dog. Protecting the chickens, keeping the deer out of our gardens, etc. So it's just lovely that she really enjoys being outside.

And she is loving the snow. It's so much fun to watch her bounding and dodging over and around the big piles of snow. The kids have really enjoyed having her with them while they build snow forts and go sledding. Ian told me that she was helping him dig out the door of his igloo the other day.

And, my goodness, is she growing! Now we just have to break her of jumping up on the furniture. She couldn't reach it before. Now it's not so hard for her. All part of training a puppy.

Yes, I think she's a good fit for our little family.

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Lulu said...

she is so adorable...