Wednesday, January 22, 2014

warming up the kitchen

One of the things that I've missed the most in the last several years of eating gluten free have been doughnuts. I have always loved doughnuts. More than cake. More than chocolate candy. More than cookies. And I also have a very fond memory of doughnuts from four years ago. Brad and I had attended a Weekend to Remember conference. Late at night, we left the hotel and made a doughnut run to Dunkin' Donuts. And then we went back to the hotel and ate our doughnuts and drank our decaf coffee in bed while watching a movie. It was fun. :)

My sweet little man knew of my love for doughnuts. And he has taken quite a bit to baking and cooking this year (his 4-H group is focusing on just that such thing.) Last Friday he woke up with an itch to bake doughnuts. But not just any doughnuts. He wanted to make GF doughnuts so that I could have some. How sweet of him.

So he Googled "GF glazed donuts" and then set to work. Impressively, he did everything himself, although I was there during the whole process to answer any questions or offer help. I enjoyed watching him dig in and focus on the whole baking process. And it was definitely a good impromptu math lesson as well.

He used this recipe which we decided was most certainly worthy of being printed off and stored in our recipe box. This recipe does require frying, but she also has a baked recipe for pumpkin doughnuts. We normally don't eat fried food, but a treat every once in a blue moon never hurt anyone, right?

And my mother heart is thoroughly enjoying my son's adventures in the kitchen. A perfect way to spend these icy cold days.

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