Monday, December 31, 2012

a stitch in time

The desire to embroider has crept into our home. I've dabbled in it a bit in the past but never with much vigor or prolonged interest. However, now that I have a little girl who is interested in learning about it, I have been re-inspired to do the same.


We snuggled in on a snowy, blistery day with some scrap white fabric, some new glossy embroidery floss, a couple of vintage embroidery hoops (that I had picked up at a thrift store) and two books full of vintage iron-on embroidery transfers. 

I don't quite remember where these books were picked up. It could be that I picked them up from a thrift shop or my mother could have passed them on to me knowing my love of crafting. I'm thinking maybe it was the latter. I will have to ask her. And then I will give her a big hug if it was her. One is from 1985. The other from 1983.

I chose a star for Lily knowing that the straight edges and simplicity of it would be easier for her. I didn't want her to become frustrated and lose the beautiful inquisitiveness that has been fostering inside of her for this handcraft.

I will say that this was not Lily's first time to hold an embroidery needle and hoop in her hands. I started her oh-so-early, giving her some burlap, a plastic embroidery needle and thick thread and let her free-form on the fabric. I think maybe she was three when I started doing that?

Admittedly, it was many zig-zagging lines at that young age, but these little mini introductory sessions allowed her to feel more comfortable and confident with a needle. I've always believed in starting my kids in the arts and crafts at a young age. They used paintbrushes and paint on taped-down art paper in their highchairs at 12 months old.

Now, at almost seven years, Lily did an amazing job on this little project. I taught her the backstitch (she already knew how to do a running stitch from our hand sewing crafting sessions we've had.) Her stitches impressed her mama, I must say. 

And once she had the hang of it, I started on my own little project. 

I worked on it throughout the day, when I was able to grab a moment here or there. 

When I finished, I had to laugh. I had done it in the same colors as our duvet cover on our bed! I had not planned a color scheme upon beginning, I just added the different colors as I felt inspired to do so. 

And since it matched our comforter so perfectly, I put it in an old distressed frame and placed it on top of our mantel headboard. It looks so at home there. 
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Wendi said...

Lilly did a great job! I need to get some of the iron on transfers. I use to cross stich all the time so I am sure this is something I would also enjoy. I love seeing all of your projects!

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Amber, It was really sweet to see your daughters star. I loved yours also, I just bought a starter one for myself a couple of weeks ago. I just need to make time and start it :)
Blessings Roxy

Pam said...

Oh Yea and Yippy Skippy, your comments are back on.
I was wishing I could leave a comment, and thought perhaps I will send an e-mail. But now I can comment here.

I love your embroidering. It reminds me of when my girls learned to do the same as your little girl at about that age. My mother in law still has their work in a frame at her house. I haven't embroidered much either. I used to do more cross stitch.. although I haven't done either in quite a few years. I love your finished product, and the frame sets it off beautifully. You are making me feel like sewing... the feeling has been upon me for the last week or two, but too much to do to get it all out.. perhaps this week.

Many Blessings to you all for a Happy New Year.