Friday, December 28, 2012

a place for everything (and everything in its place)

The day after all the Christmas festivities, I spent a couple of hours organizing some of my crafting supplies.


I had slowly been collecting skein after skein of luscious yarn which was subsequently taking up residence in big Rubbermaid bins in the corner of our master bedroom. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Now, if it had been nicely displayed on shelves (which is the eventual plan) then it would have looked wonderful. However, it was stacked and heaped and was driving Brad and me crazy.


So I organized the yarn by weight and restacked the bins neatly in our closet which is where it will stay until we have a shelving unit for me to display the yarn on. I can still access it fairly easily (which is very important) but yet it's not in our bedroom causing a cluttered look.


I also took the time to organize my embroidery floss and some of my buttons and fabric flowers. I have found that it's essential for me to have all of my supplies organized if I want to really get my craft on! If I'm looking for stuff and wondering where in the world it is, my creativity kind of plummets down the drain. One day, I hope to have a crafting studio, but until then I'm trying to make the best use of the small space I have.

I'm feeling the itch to do some embroidery and learn a bit more about that particular craft. I only have very basic embroidery skills, but I bought this pattern last year and want to start on it. ClementinePatterns has so many cute embroidery patterns, and I just noticed this morning that they are now carrying complete kits which would be super convenient! (I am in no way affiliated with ClementinePatterns. I just like to share a good thing when I see one!)


I also have my eye on a couple of embroidery books. These ones in particular have made it onto my wishlist ~ Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners and Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection: 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs, as well as Little Stitches: 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs 12 Projects.


There's just something about these cold winter days that inspire me to create. And so I'm training myself to embrace this season as a time to cuddle in with my ideas and my love for creating. And I'd love to pass this love down to my children as well, particularly Lily who already has caught the bug for crafting and art.

And we have a few more days of vacation here in our home before it's back to our regular schedule of homeschooling. We've been enjoying the break so much! I'm going to take advantage of these last few days to do a little crafting and maybe some art projects with the younger two.

Have a blessed day!


Wendi said...

Ahhhh... all those pictures make me want to jump into projects. I am getting ready to organize so I can spend some time creating. I have a hard time being creative when things a cluttered mess. Have fun!

Heather said...

Oh, organizing craft supplies gives me a headache! I'd spend more time crafting if I could get my things all well sorted. Maybe when we have a bigger home...

Love all your yarns! You have a lovely supply.