Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When the soul aches to create...

It's these crisp days, these days that whisper of autumn's approach. These are the days that beckon me to the yarn and hook, to the cozying up under a thick quilt with the basket full of happy colors waiting to be lovingly crafted into something handmade.

And as my hands work with the hook and the yarn, my heart is filled. Filled with the gift of being able to create. Filled with the gift of being able to craft something that will purpose to warm my loved ones. They will be covered with the love-filled work of my hands.

The Creator is the greatest creative mind of all. He is the one that fashioned the flowers, the fields, the seaside, and all of the many wonderful creatures that dwell here. And we, well, we were fashioned in His likeness. And so, we were made to create. His creativity indwells us, His creation.

So don't be afraid to create. He put that desire in you. It's okay to run with it.

He made beauty. All the beauty your eyes see? Well, it's all straight from the Potter's hands.

And when I create, I feel full. Not because I'm crafting a masterpiece that will impact the world, but because in those moments, I'm connecting with my Father. I'm worshiping Him and basking in His gift of creativity. I'm getting a tiny, tiny glimpse of how He must have felt when He fashioned this universe. The satisfaction He experienced in His Creation.

Because He saw that "it was good."

And I may not be passing any masterpieces on to the world, but I'm crafting pieces that may, just may, be passed on to future generations of my family. (Just as I cuddle up under my great-grandmother's granny-square afghan she crocheted for me.)

And so, my creative spirit, my love, will be passed down to loved ones that I may never even meet. (Just as I never met my great-grandmother but still find such love and warmth bundling up under that handmade afghan, the one that her very fingers and hands ached over in love as they stitched a sort of legacy.)

What is the creative gift He's given you? Maybe it's not to create with yarn. But maybe it's words or paint or delectable creations of food or wood-crafting or song-writing or decorating. I don't know what it is. But it's there. We all were created in His image, so we all have creativity inside waiting to pour out.

And as it pours out, we can worship the One who stitched it up inside of us.

Right now, as I find moments tucked here and there, I'm working on creating a beautiful granny hexagon afghan using this tutorial. This project is great for my life right now. My basket of yarn and hooks has been toted around to soccer practices, games, and more. A little here and a little there. Perfect for this busy homeschooling mama.


In Wonder said...

love it. doesn't it seem that taking time to be creative is so refreshing it ends giving more energy to the mundane stuff that HAS to be done?! happy day to you Amber :)

Unknown said...

I just found your blog via Pam's at Where your Treasure is. It was your granny crochet that lured me in :0)

Anyway, just wanted to say hi from a fellow crochet lover from Scotland. Look forward to reading more of your posts.