Friday, September 30, 2011

Navigating the Roadmap of His Will...

I need some focus. Some clarity of thought. It's like I need the hand of God to reach down and scoop all of my scatter-brained thinking into a heap and make some sense out of it all.

You see, ever since I attended this conference, I've been feeling it. The feeling that something big is on the horizon. All I know is that the message I received that weekend was that I needed to start preparing myself for something God is preparing me for. God has plans for me.

Oh, and by the way, He has plans for you too.
So, now I have a few ideas of what those plans may be for my life, what they may look like. But I also could be totally wrong. I realize that.

I do know, however, that I have this deep desire down in the depths of my marrow. And it's one that I can't quite shake. And it's one that has resided there since as far back as I can recollect, although until just recently it's been buried rather deeply in the dirt of life. And this desire is so red-hot that it's shaking up my world a little bit right now. At least my mental world. I haven't felt this excited in a long time.

Sometimes I want to rush forward and dig in to what I think it is I'm to do. But then deep down I know that the stoplight is still clearly red.

Did you know that stoplights serve a good purpose? Even when we're running late and the light stays red for an incredibly and unbelievably long period of time, the concept of a stoplight is still very wise and good.

Because if we go forward while it's red, we are heading for a collision with danger and destruction. And that, my friends, is why I'm digging my heels of flesh into the dirt and denying myself the exhiliration of acceleration.

I want so much for Him to end the countdown of waiting. I'm not fond of waiting periods. But waiting periods are always growing periods. Waiting periods are preparation periods. Waiting periods are lapses of time in which the soul has the potential to be quiet enough to learn something, something necessary.

So, I guess I need to practice the Word. It's time for me to practice that whole "be still and know that I am God" thing.

I do declare that this might just be a time of mental pruning and decluttering for me. And as hard as it is to wait, I'm wholly aware of how down-right dangerous it is to precede without the Spirit's go-ahead. And if I'm honest with myself, the last thing I want to do is sprint down the track before the gun fires, leaving the Holy Spirit standing in set position at the starting line.

Which is why I'm determining in my heart to pull back just a bit. Harness the passion just enough to keep my feet in place but not enough to kill the joy and excitement of the work He's stirring in my soul.

What's stirring down deep in the marrow of your life?

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Unknown said...


I love this post.
When we went to Ukraine last year I think we were on our timing and not God's. I desired to have a daughter so bad that I was going to do whatever it took. Of course, God didn't give me that desire of my heart I think because I didn't wait for His timing. I still have a longing for the children of Ukraine and am hopeful that we will get to return. I am so trying to be still and let Him lead me. Thank you again for your post.