Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Walking With Purpose

God wants us to be singlemindedly focused on Him and His purposes for our lives.

Sometimes we spread ourselves so thin pursuing all the many things that we'd like to be good at. But when we do this, could it be that we're missing the point?

What area has God gifted you in? What do you really have a passion about? What is it that you dream about? Chances are pretty good that God has planted that passion inside of you. And for good reason too.

So I challenge you to focus your sights on the Lord and what He has planned for you. Don't know what that is? Pray for direction and discernment. Ask God to show you the area(s) He has gifted you in to be used for His glory.

And then stick with it. Don't try to excel in an area that you may be just okay in just because you see the next woman succeeding in that area. We aren't called to just "goodness." We're called to greatness. And it's the extremely rare person who can be gifted in a menagerie of things.

And once you know your gift, prepare yourself to be used by God in that area. Sometimes that means marching ahead immediately, throwing aside fears and those "I'm not good enough" feelings. Other times (like I myself am experiencing) that means that we have to wait until He turns the light green. But that waiting is not in vain. It's the preparation time for something great.

So if you're waiting, if you just don't feel the go-ahead yet in your soul, then use that time not to just sit around and longingly and enviously observe how everyone else is moving full-speed ahead. Use it instead to seek the Lord with all your soul and learn from Him. If He's asking you to wait, there's purpose in that waiting.

You can go here for a spiritual gifts analysis.

And a big thank you to Beth Moore and Living Proof Ministries for opening my eyes to the importance of being spiritually prepared to perform those works He's called me to.

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