Thursday, September 15, 2011

If You Want To Live Free...

Do you want to be free? I do.

It's a paradox, you know. The tighter we let Him hold onto us, the more free we become.

You see, He designed us to fulfill our God-ordained purposes in our lives here on earth.

But it's not until we say, "Here I am, Father! You can have all of me!" that He can truly use us to fulfill our divine callings.

It's not until we begin to surrender, that we can begin to become free.

And with each bag we unload onto the Father, one more chain falls to the ground. The shackles loosen.

We become less of ourselves, more of Him, and, subsequently, more like we were always truly meant to be. And it feels good.

My soul shouts to the heavens for the power to just completely let it all go. Surrender it all! Loose my fleshly grip on this life, and let Him have His way with me.

What holds me back?


Lack of trust?

What if He requires more from me than I can possibly give? More than what I want to give???? What if He asks me to give up ______________?

The Spirit-voice whispers to my soul that my God never requires more than what He knows He equips me to give.

And whatever He asks of me is for His glory and my good. Only for my good. Only. Only. Only.

One can never go wrong when living in a state of total surrender to the Savior.

So, gracious Father, help me to live daily in complete surrender to You. You love me deeply, more deeply than I can even comprehend. I can trust You with my life. You are completely faithful. Trustworthy beyond measure. Thank you for your patience with me when I battle with holding on to things I need to give to you. You are good. You are amazing. You want me to live free! I love You.

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