Friday, September 16, 2011

The blessings of friends...

God doesn't call us to walk this road alone.

I'm thankful for that.

We have Him, of course. Always.

And He also pours down His blessing of friends on us too.

I'm thankful for the wonderful, dear friends and sisters in Christ that my Father has brought in to my life. So very thankful.

And even if our relationship may not always be perfect, and sometimes we find ourselves neglecting it because of the busyness of life, it's still always there.

And each of you have contributed to my faith in one way or another. That's one of our callings as sisters in Christ - to be be instruments of Him in each other's lives. Encouraging one another. Loving one another. Cheering one another on to continue to run the race He has for us.

And you all have done that. And I honestly praise the Lord for how He has sovereignly and providentially placed each of you in my life. And I love each of you.

And I also deeply love each of you dear sisters who come here and read my words. That means so much to me. Really. You're engraved on my heart also, and I hold many faceless and nameless sisters up in prayer daily.

So thank you, dear friends, for His love you have shown to me. And even if the miles separate us, friendships built on the Rock will stand.

p.s. - It's times like this when I really wish I had photos of all of my friends. I think (and hope)you all know who you are...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Enjoyed it!

Wendi said...

I am sure your friends appreciate this post. It always feels good to know that you are cared for. :)