Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Book Review ~ Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds

We're partial to wild birds here at our home. We love reading about them. We love observing them. We love drawing them.

So I was so excited to be able to review Breathtaking Birds (Marvels of Creation), one of a series called Marvels of Creation by Buddy and Kay Davis.

We have many bird books gracing our bookshelves, but this is the first book that presents birds from a Biblical, creation-based perspective. The book starts out in its introduction by discussing and disputing the evolutionary viewpoint that birds evolved from reptiles. This is an interesting overview; there is nothing in depth or overly scientific here.

Then the book goes on to present 30 different birds of the world, dedicating two pages to each. Of the two pages, one page is a beautiful real-life color photo of the bird and the other page contains information about the bird.

On each informational page, there is a little text box that presents some quick, interesting info. I really like the "special design feature" and the "did you know?" fact that provides some cool, interesting info on each bird.

At the end of the book, the authors have included a short chapter titled "Intelligent Design." This chapter discusses the famous fossil of archaeopteryx which was uncovered in Berlin in 1877. It also discusses parts of a bird such as feathers, lungs, color, bones, beaks, and many more. On the very last pages, several sketches are included that present a labeled bird skeleton, types of bird fee, parts of birds, and types of bird beaks and their purposes.

We are really enjoying this book. This makes a great resource book to go along with the science curriculum that we have been using this year, Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day (Apologia Science Young Explorers).

I received this book from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.


Dusty said...

That book looks amazing! My kids would love something like that!

TASO said...

Don't ya just love books!?! This looks like another great candidate as an addition to our library! Thanks for the reviews!

Rodney said...

very fun!

Gina said...

This looks like a book my children would love! I like the full color pictures. Yet another book to go on my wish list!