Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 Days of Thinking Upon Christ's Sacrifice: Lent

Sickness has had me dragging the last eight days. Only the necessities in life have carried on in our home. The lack of physical busyness has allowed for my mind to meditate on Lent and what exactly it means to me, a born-again, non-denominational, Bible-believing, Jesus-abiding girl.

And so our family commenced our observance of the Lenten season yesterday, each of us discussing our personal sacrifices that we will make for the 40 days leading up to Easter. And Brad and I explained the importance of Lent to our children- not that it's something we're doing because we have to, but, rather, it's something we're doing to bring us into a fuller awareness of Christ and His ultimate sacrifice He made for us. It's our humble attempt to prepare our hearts for the cross and the resurrection.

And coming from a faith background that never even talked about Lent let alone practiced it, I don't say that everyone of the faith should be observing Lent in a formal fashion. That is a Spirit-led decision. But I would encourage you to take the next 6 weeks preceding Resurrection Sunday to consciously take time to think upon the sacrifice our Lord made for us, wretched sinners saved only by grace.

And here's a link to a beautiful essay on Lent from a Protestant perspective. She says it so beautifully.

And so as I focus on the reason for Lent - abiding with Christ in a fuller awareness, I pray that this will be a time of refocus and fuller realization of my Lord's sacrifice. After all, I am nothing without Him. We are nothing without Him. From ashes we were formed, and to ashes we will all return. But we were all formed in His image. So what will we do with the time between?

Father, in Heaven, please make me into a willing servant for You. God, this life you've so richly blessed me with is not about me at all. The purpose of man is to know You and glorify You. And, oh Father, I want to continue to know you deeper and deeper, and, Lord, I want my life to glorify you. Father, make up for all my weaknesses, all of my shortcomings. God, I praise You that Your Word says that Your strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. God, You are so good. You are the source of my breath and life. I pray that I would daily take up Your bread and water and through it only would I be sustained.

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