Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've been reliving my childhood...

...through my children. Haha! Don't most moms do that? In my case, it's been through the Little House on the Prairie books we've been reading.

Ian's taking a Little House on the Prairie class in our homeschool co-op. We're reading By the Shores of Silver Lake for that class. Ian and I have read other Little House books, and we've both always enjoyed them, and it's extra special because we read from the same set that I read from as a child.

Reading is very important to me. I've always desired to instill a deep love of reading in my children, and I'm always on the lookout for solid, wholesome literature that will enrich my children's mind and vocabulary. And that's one of the reasons I love the Little House series so much. The books are so charming. And the writing is so descriptive - you can see it all clearly in your mind as you read. Mrs. Wilders wrote in such a way that made the words come alive.
And then I found this set of Little House books designed for the younger audience. (I linked to one of the books in the set on does not appear to have the books available to purchase as a complete set. I bought mine on ebay as a complete set so you may one to look there if you're interested.)

Lily got this book set along with a set of Little House paper dolls for Christmas. These books are illustrated so beautifully and each book gives a paraphrased version of parts of Wilder's original Little House works. Both of my kids are requesting these books every night at bedtime. That makes me so happy.

Lily's been spending hours playing with her paperdolls. Ian has even played with the dolls with Lily, although I don't think he'd admit that to anyone!!! If you have a little girl who is interested in the Little House books, these dolls would be a delight for her! And I love that they're a simple, classic toy that inspires imaginative play and dialogue.

I'm so thankful for the authors that God has gifted with the ability to write beautiful, wholesome, enriching literature!



Davene Grace said...

Hi, Amber!

I saw your blog on Elizabeth's; and when I saw your mention of Little House on the Prairie, I had to pop over and say hi. :)

I've been enjoying reading them to my children, too; we're in On the Banks of Plum Creek right now, and I'm finding it very difficult to read much of it without crying! I'm connecting with Ma so much more deeply than I ever could have as a child, and it makes me so emotional. :)

Those paper dolls look WONDERFUL. I know I would have loved them when I was a girl.

Blessings to you and your family!

~ Davene

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

We love the Little House books!

We read through the series a couple of years ago. I read aloud to the kids at bedtime.

Those paper dolls are just the sweetest!

Davene Grace said...


Thanks for dropping by my new blog! Of course, you can enter the giveaway!! I just wish I could give a prize to everyone who entered, whether old friend or new! :)

4maze said...

I love the Little House stories - so cool that there are paper dolls too - I remember playing paper dolls as a child - it was one of my favourite things ever!!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I read & loved this series as a young girl. Later my set was long gone & my own daughter wanted to read them. She did & loved them to. He also got the VCR set of the shows. Many hours were spent watching them. Many days I tune into the shows on cable still. The shows never get old. The paper dolls are so nice. My grand daughter is 3. I hope she will want to read the books to. Blessings!
P.S. The little jars I used to bake apple crisp in were purchased at Walmart. It makes it so nice to have a one serving size sealed & ready to go into packed lunches or just snack time..

Stephanie said...

Hey Amber,
I did some searching, and I found the 'My first little house' book set at Just thought I'd pass that on.