Monday, January 17, 2011

A Date with Daddy

My wonderful husband really strives to spend time daily with each of our children. He's a wonderful father, and I'm really so blessed to have him as a husband.

One of the special things he does is take our daughter out for breakfast once a month. They get up while it's still dark and the other two kids are still sleeping and head for their usual restaurant where the waitress knows them and always remembers about Lily's peanut allergy.

Lily so much looks forward to this time alone with daddy. I can tell it makes her feel special and loved.

The first two pics are from last week. The last one is from a previous date earlier in the winter.
She's really excited in this photo!

I'm so thankful for a husband who desires to really make sure his daughter knows that she is the apple of his eye.



Heather said...

This is so sweet! It is SO important for little girls to have a daddy who shows them how precious they are and how they deserve to be treated. Funny, too, as my husband and I just had a discussion about this the other day. I'll have to show him this post...

So happy for Lily that she has been blessed with such a dad!

A Primitive Homestead said...

It would be wonderful if all fathers would take the time for their daughters. I think it not only lets them know they are loved & important but also shows them how they should be charished as God ment. So many young girls have no idea what to look for in a mate later as they begin to date because they have had no father figure to set the example in what family life should be or how they should be treated. Lily will know many years from now if the boy she likes is husband & father material. Making her life so much better. Your wonderful parents. Blessings!