Monday, January 3, 2011

A Divinely Arranged Reunion

We braved the five hour drive east early New Year's Day to meet a family that would soon become wonderful friends to us. When we were in Ukraine adopting Sergei, there were two boys in particular that really touched my heart. One of them was named Sergiy (he was my Sergei's best friend) and the other boy's name was Denis.

These boys have been in my prayers since I met them. And they both ended up in the New Horizon's hosting program. And they both were chosen by families to be hosted. And both families live in the same state as we do. Amazing. Truly amazing. In fact, in our state alone, five children from Sergei's orphanage are being hosted.

And I had the privilege of seeing two of them this past weekend, Sergiy and Yarick. And our Sergei was elated to see his best friend again.

And yesterday morning before heading to church, we all sat down for breakfast. And I looked across the table and saw Yarick sitting there, and I had this incredible feeling of blessing bubble up inside of me. Yarick and I did the three-legged race together in Ukraine. I remember how nice and quiet of a boy he was. I remember seeing him in Ukraine and desiring so much for him to feel loved; this boy who has been in an orphanage since birth. All of his life with no one to show him real love. And this lovely new morning, I looked across the table and saw him sitting there so contentedly. The halo of the love of a family surrounding him.

And then I looked to the other table and saw my Sergei sitting next to Sergiy. And again I felt absolutely overwhelmed with God's goodness. I counted it as such a privilege to meet these boys, as well as the many other parentless children, in Ukraine. In fact, I left a piece of my heart there in Ukraine. And this weekend, I could count it as another privilege to see them in America with a family so desiring God's will and being obedient to God's command to love and care for the orphans and the fatherless. Thank you Jesus. You are so indescribably good. You constantly amaze me, my Father.

And we also count it a privilege to have a wonderful, new, blessed friendship with another family who has also been called to open their home to the fatherless. We were shown the love of Christ and made to feel so welcome by this family. They made all of us feel right at home. This new friendship is just one more instance where I stand amazed at the goodness of God.

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A Primitive Homestead said...

This is just amazing. I am glad you shared your hapiness & this wonderful work God has done in the boys lives as you all were willing to be used by God for his service. May God continue to bless you all greatly. Happy New Year & Blessings!