Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blowing out the birthday candles...

We celebrated my husband's birthday on Monday. It was kind of a special celebration - he turned 30. We had some family over for cake and homemade ice cream after he got home from work. And it was a surprise to him, which just delighted me. I LOVE surprises - both giving them and getting them!

Since we're on a spending freeze due to the adoption, the kids got creative with their gifts to daddy this year. They both made cards and then they got two big boxes and picked out some of their toys to give to daddy. It was cute!

And at the end of the night, Brad turned to me and thanked me for his special birthday celebration. And I just had to giggle when he added, "I feel better about adopting a 13 year-old now that I'm 30." Just had to laugh at that one because, for myself, being 30 doesn't make me feel any more prepared to adopt a 13 year-old boy! Praise the Lord that He equips those He calls!

Speaking of our wonderful 13 year-old, here are a few pics of him from two weekends ago. The ministry that works in his orphanage is always sending us updated pics of him, which we are SO appreciative of.
Please take note of the stick fishing pole that the boy in the background is using. These kids fish with sticks, people, and they can catch fish without all the fancy rods and bait! I love how resourceful and industrious they are!


Sarah said...

What a great celebration! That is just adorable that your kids wrapped up their toys. LOVE that cake that you made!

emily freeman said...

Wow! A 13 year old boy. What an amazing, exciting adventure that will be! And your kids giving him boxes of their toys is just too cute :)