Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Gotta See This

One of the fundraisers we're doing to raise funds to bring Sergei home is having a rummage and bake sale with the other family from church who is also adopting their host child.

We've been working hard getting ready. Oh my gosh, have we had the donations of items rolling in! Good stuff! If you live locally, you MUST come to our sale. If it wouldn't totally defeat the purpose of why we're having the sale, I would totally be buying up a TON of stuff myself.

We have had so many donations that we have to have the sale in the church basement as well as the hall across the street. Everyone has been SO generous. People we don't even know are sending us items. It's wonderful to see God's people coming together to help each other! We feel blessed beyond measure by everyone's generosity.

I just got back from working at the hall, trying to get things semi-organized. Here is the before picture of some of the items just shoved in the hall. Notice that I said "some of the items". No, this is not all of the items. We both have items at our homes and more people are still donating items!

We worked for hours today and it still looked like we hadn't accomplished much! And we still have more donations coming and more in both of our homes!

The following pictures are of Reta and Bob working hard. They are the other couple from our church who are adopting the boy that they hosted. They are AWESOME people, and we feel so blessed to be going through this experience with them! Totally blessed!!!

Really, I wouldn't just say this. If you live locally, you must come to the sale! Not only will you be finding a TON of really awesome things, but you'll be supporting a really awesome cause!!!!


Wendi said...

It seems that when you turn on the tv or pick up a paper all you hear is how terrible people are. If only they would focus on the things like this. I certainly believe there are still kind and generous people and this proves it!

Lots of great stuff... if only I lives closer. Best of luck with your fund raising.

Mandy said...

Wow! Looks like you're going to have a great sale. Hope you have a wonderful turn out!