Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maximizing the Potential of Your Master Bedroom

And I'm not just talking about decorating potential, although that's important too. I'm talking about taking what you have and making it work. Making it clean, comfortable, uncluttered, and refreshing.

And you don't have to have a big master bedroom to pull this off. Here are some tips on how to be happy with your master bedroom, even if it is small.

1. Keep it clear of clutter - you know, all those baskets of folded laundry that need put away (guilty here!) Also, any empty surface area has the potential to become a junk heap. Chairs, dresser tops, etc. Make an attempt to keep those areas cleaned off. Cluttered surfaces = unenjoyable, stress-inducing space.

2. Add a bedside table to both sides of the bed. If the table has drawers, this would be a great place to store lotions, tissues, a flashlight (in case the electricity goes out in the middle of the night), a pen and journal, and any books you're currently reading. My bedside table is just a cheap chipboard table that I covered with a damask patterned sheet I found at a thrift store for 50 cents. I stuck a big basket underneath to store my magazines, flashlight, and slippers. They're handy when I'll need them, yet they're hidden and out of the way.

3. Add dim lighting to each bedside table. Nothing super bright here - just a low wattage 60 watt bulbed lamp will do. Lamp lighting makes a room cozy and warm, so much better than overhead lighting. If you don't have any spare lamps, keep a lookout at thrift stores. Remember, you can always spray paint the lamp base and cover the lampshade with fabric!

4. Add some long window treatments to enlarge your space. I hung my window treatments way above the actual top of the window. This elongates the wall, making the room feel bigger. It really does work. In fact, I hang all of my window treatments this way now. Oh, and if you don't have window treatments and don't have the spare cash to purchase any (let's face it, window treatments are pricey), you can always buy several yards of your favorite fabric and either make curtains yourself (if you can sew) or you can hang them using the mistreatment method.

5. Wash your bed linens once a week. Pick a day and remain consistent. On the days you don't wash, make sure you pull the sheets nice and tight when making the bed. This will give them a nice clean feel. I also occasionally spray some relaxing lavendar linen spray to freshen the sheets up as well. I buy mine at Bath & Body.

6. If you have a master bathroom, keep the sink area clear of clutter as well. I purchased two small baskets that hold all of our necessities that we use on a daily basis. The items are within arms reach, yet they are all confined into one area - keeps it practical and pretty.

7. Dust and vacuum, keep it clean - simple enough, eh?

Many of the things I have in our master bedroom, are treasures I've found at thrift or antique stores. The secret is to know what you want and then go on the hunt for it. I don't buy new unless it's a necessity. For instance, I wanted a chair in our bedroom. I waited for about a year and finally found what I was looking for at a yard sale for $25.00. Know what you want, but be willing to wait. That's the secret to budget decorating!

I guess the biggest way to achieve a more relaxing master bedroom is to remove all clutter. You could have your room decorated to the "T", but if it's cluttered, it's not going to be a room that you'll be able to relax in and really enjoy. On the other hand, even if your room is lacking in the decor department, having it clean and clear of clutter will make it a much more enjoyable space.


Elise said...

Very good tips!! I am guilty of letting the "overflow" run off in our master bedroom. I need to make it a point of making it a relaxing retreat, not an afterthought.
Thanks for the list!!
Oh, one more thing...sheets on ring clips make cute curtains!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I am looking for some thrifty ways to make our house feel more like a home!
Thanks for sharing ;)

Ana Degenaar said...

Those are some great ideas! Thank you for sharing, I really need to work on our master bedroom :( There's kiddie stuff everywhere...

Kris said...

I'm going to be decorating a brand-new-to-us master bedroom in just a hair over a week; you've given me some wonderful food for thought! Great ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

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