Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Been Going On Here...

I've hinted around that we've been up to something around here. And you may wonder what the picture in my sidebar titled "Sergei" is all about.

Well, my lovely readers, it is with great excitement that I tell you all that our family will be hosting a 13 year-old orphan from Ukraine over Christmas this year. His name is Sergei. He will be arriving on American soil mid-December and will be staying 6-8 weeks.

Brad and I are so excited and feel so blessed that God has given us this opportunity to minister to Sergei. And I'm sure that we will be blessed by him as well. We don't know a whole lot about Sergei other than what the interview team learned when they met him in August, but here is what we do know:

* He was one of the interview team's favorite boys.

* Sergei deeply desires to be adopted. He really wants siblings, especially a younger brother.

* He wants to help his new forever mom.

* His favorite animals are rabbits and otters.

* He loves to read.

* If he were president for a day, he would create programs to help the elderly.

* He lived with his grandparents before coming to the orphanage.

I also ask for prayer for us and for Sergei. Please pray for the following things:

1. That God would prepare our hearts and Sergei's heart and we would have a smooth transition.
2. That God would provide the money needed to bring Sergei here.

3. That God would direct us and make His will known regarding the potential adoption of Sergei.

As many of you know, Brad and I have been in the adoption process for the last year. We were devastated last February when we found out that the boy we were going to adopt from Korea had a life-threatening illness and we could not adopt him.

Over the last six months, Brad and I have gone through the healing process and have seen how God worked everything out for Jin (the little boy that we considered ours.) Now we feel that God is telling us it's time to move on, and we're ready. So please pray that God would bring the child(ren) into our lives that He would have for us. And if that's Sergei, pray that God would reveal that to us.

Thanks for all your prayers!


Wendi said...

Adoption is very special to me. I will be praying for your family and for Sergei.

Wendy said...

Oh how very exciting! That sounds like a fantastic program!

I'll be praying for you!

Gae said...

I think adoption is a special gift for some people. Ipray you are guided to the right choices.
Out of general interest if you don't mind answering, Isn't it expensive to adopt a child?
I have thought about it but the cost put it out of my mind

Simple said...

We'll be in prayer for your family, and thank you for sharing.
Adoption has been a thought of ours as well, but are still praying to see where the Lord leads us.
Blessings to you and yours, Fine Linen

Heather said...

God bless you and little Sergei!

Keep us posted too!

Stephanie said...

I said a little prayer for you. I wish you the best.