Monday, July 6, 2009


My mom gave me a huge basket full of my old baby doll clothes. I finally got them all washed up last week, and Lily and I went through them. Oh my, the memories. It seems like so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday when I sat on the floor in my room and dressed up my baby dolls.

While we were searching through all the clothes, I found my old apron I used to wear when I was little. Be still my heart. I was so happy. I told Lily that the apron used to be mommy's, and she was so excited and wanted to put it on right away. It's a wonderful thing to be able to pass down things to her that meant so much to me.


Shannan Martin said...

So sweet! My mom made me a bunch of homemade Barbie dresses and nightgowns when I was young and I recently found out that she gave them all to my cousins! Pure tragedy.

Simple said...

Oh what a wonderful blessing to have those again. And to be able to pass things down to your own daughter is truly a blessing. I love aprons! I don't have a daughter yet, but still have a collection for myself...heehee

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