Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm on a roll...

I was feeling crafty yesterday. I guess my little scrapbooking trip last Friday revved up my creativity engines because the last few days I've really been inspired to create.

I always seem to hesitate to drag out my craft supplies because my work area is the kitchen. I know that some of you can relate. It's really difficult to have a messy kitchen, and I feel like if I'm going to take the time to drag all my stuff out I don't want to have to rush to put it away. However, food must be prepared, dishes must be washed, and so forth, so the craft mess often gets in the way. However, yesterday I was so inspired that I didn't even care.

Ian wasn't feeling well yesterday so we kept the schoolwork light. Then I pulled out a bunch of my crafting stuff and we got to work. I gave the kids some older scrapbooking paper and stickers that I no longer liked, and they had a blast too.

This is what I did first:

I've been wanting to make a pretty clipboard for a while now, but I don't use clipboards at home. Yesterday I emailed my sister, who is a social worker, to see if she uses a clipboard at work. She wrote back and said that she was just thinking about how much she needed a clipboard. Yay! I set to work.

It was so much fun. This is how it turned out:

The front:

A cute little bow and an "A" for Ashley:

The back:

I just loved this little birdie. So cute.

After I finished this, I headed out to the garage and grabbed a few pieces of scrap wood from another project my hubby and I are working on. Then I grabbed my acrylic paints and dug through my scrapbooking supplies and made this:

I've decided that Mod Podge is currently my "flavor of the week." I have a couple more ideas for the rest of the scrap wood. I just need to get to the store and buy a couple more acrylics.

Oh, and for those friends of mine that think my house is always in order and neat, can I just show you what it looked like at 7:30pm last night (and for most of the day)? Just keeping it real for you!

Oh, and just a random thought for today...

Can anyone else out there relate?



Cameo said...

Oh my what great projects! I need one of those FALL blocks. :0) I can relate to the stickers. I find them all over my house stuck in many different places.

Holly said...

LOL! Everything looks great!!! Gald you can do stuff like that with your kids "helping!"

I heard you may not be there on Sat? Remember, the topic is organization. But - if you can't make it - have fun at the soccer game!! Go Ian!!!

I've been on the run all week. Next week looks a little slower - however, I may head to Ohio on Thurs. for a long weekend.

See you soon! Have fun with that Mod Podge - thanks for the fun ideas too!

Screaming Meme said...

You are so creative! I love the clip board! I bet you could sell a million of those! :)

Katy said...

oh...I LOVE....seriously LOVE that clipboard! It is gorgeous! And the FALL art you did...beautiful!!!! Come over and craft with me!!! LOL :)

Shannon said...

I can relate to this because the other day on my way home from work I put my seatbelt on and noticed a HUGE sticker right on the front of my shirt of "Tow-mater" from Cars. It had been on there since that morning so no telling how many places I went with it on there.

PS I didn't put it there but the little boy I keep did. :)

Anonymous said...

Amber, I hope being your neighbor eventually inspires me to be as crafty as you! Well, I can't say the inspiration isn't there-it's the "getting around to it" that isn't there. Love your ideas and someday I might have to steal a few!

Bre said...

Hi Amber, your crafts are great! I wanted to give you a lilnk to a blog that is holding an ornament exchange.

I don't know if it is up your alley or not, but I thought of you and wanted to share. Hope you have a blessed week -