Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bring on the books!

We went to the library last night. Over the summer we went once a week. However, we hadn't been there since the first week of August since I was so sick for the last few months.
The kids were super excited. They love the library. Lily is always so willing to be mommy's little helper. She couldn't wait to carry our book bag into the library.

Look at Ian's face. Can you tell that he's annoyed with me and my camera? "Man, mom. Even at the library????"

Lily was super excited to find the Disney Princess book. She's really interested in anything pink and anything princess at this present point in her life.

Ian, on the other hand, always heads to the juvenile nonfiction section. We've already checked out every single shark book this library owns. Multiple times. But please take note of what he's grabbing so eagerly from the shelf.

Do you know what utter delight I have at the sight of the sheer joy a book brings to my children? Oh, I hope that joy persists. An avid reader myself, I desperately want my kids to love to read. I think back to my elementary school years, and I can remember so vividly the wonderful anticipation and excitement that filled my little body as I stood outside the library door waiting for my turn to go in to the book fair. And remember the little Scholastic book order leaflets our teachers sent home with us? I'd pore over that leaflet, the books and words candy to my young eyes.

I still feel that adrenaline rush when I walk into a bookstore to this day. Ask my husband. When I want to escape, I go to Borders. I grab a green tea latte, a big pile of books, and settle for a long moment of browsing in one of the big comfy chairs. Oh, yeah. We go to the bookstore on dates too. I love my husband. He knows what excites me! There's something very exhilarating about being surrounded by rows and rows of books.

Speaking of books, I'm currently reading "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. Very good book. Remember Jacob, Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Billhah from the book of Genesis? Well, Diamant writes from the viewpoint of Dinah, Leah's only daughter. The whole book is extremely interesting, looking at the various traditions and practices viewed from the ancient Israelite women's points of view. It's fiction, of course, but Diamant bases the book on actual happenings and events that are discussed in the Bible. All from the women's point of view. Great book. You should read it. Before you do, read the accounts of Jacob first. It's more interesting when you have a knowledge of Jacob's lineage and life.

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Amanda said...

That's so wonderful that they love books and trips to the library.