Monday, September 29, 2008

My Weekend Adventures

Yesterday we went to Robinson's Farm. This is an annual autumn tradition of ours. As simple as it is, it always makes me feel "all warm and fuzzy." Why the use of the corny cliche? Well, simply put, our annual visit to Robinson's has become a tradition, and traditions have always made me very happy.

So, without further ado, I would love to share with you all the delightful sights our eyes saw yesterday...

Here's Ian and Lily with this year's "giant" pumpkin. It weighed 557 1/2 pounds this year!
Ian and Lily picking out their pumpkins...

Don't these look yummy?! We bought two baskets of these. One for pie-making and one for snacking!

Lily loves having her picture taken. I always have more photos of Lily than Ian, and it's not because Lily's my favorite. Lily just loves to pose for the camera. Ian runs away.

Oh, there was also a big table full of this...

Did you know that stuff was edible? I didn't! We were talking to the owner of the farm, and he said that it's called Indian corn because the Indians used to grind it into a meal (like the corn meal we use today to make cornbread) and use it in their breads. Hence the name Indian corn. Hmmm... I like when I learn new things.

We also went to IKEA this weekend. We took my sister, Ashley. It was her first time. Now she states she will be an IKEA addict. We had a lot of fun, and I just love that place. The really funny thing is that a large portion of the decor that IKEA sells is modern and really not my decorating style, but I always find things that I love. Plus, it's a really fun store, and I love to see how they can cram so much efficient and attractive storage and furniture into such small places. If you've ever been there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. They set up living spaces throughout the store so that the customers can see how the furniture can be most efficiently used. I'm always amazed when I go there.

Ash loved IKEA because she decorates in a more modern, contemporary style. She REALLY liked this cushion cover, and you just couldn't beat the price. Can you tell? Actually I told her to make a dramatic "I am so in love, I can't believe I found this" kind of face.

I really liked these ivory pillows.

We also got some of these silicone ice cube trays. We're going to use them to make crayons! We bought star-shaped, fish-shaped, and flower-shapes trays. Just save your old crayon pieces, shave them down, put the shavings in the trays, and bake. Then when they cool, you pop them out of the tray, and you have cool multi-colored crayon shapes.

The kids' department at IKEA is tons of fun. I even found a huge roll of art paper for the kids to draw on for only $8.00! What a steal!

Oh, and ladies. I have to tell you that I found an ingenious invention at Wal-Mart that night. Look at this:

Can you see what that is that I'm holding? They are slippers that have little cleaning thingies on the soles. You're supposed to put these things on and dance and prance around your kitchen. When finished, your floor will be sparkling clean. Hmmm... Maybe if I bought these, I would actually have a clean kitchen floor all the time. If a kid spills some milk on the floor, not to worry, I'll just scoot over with my handy-dandy cleaning slippers on and clean it up. I better buy two pairs though 'cause I'll have to wear these all day to keep my kitchen floor clean!


BurttBunch said...

Hey! Yeah I tend to blog for some strange reason. Usually no one posts! Homeschooling is going well. I was surprised how quickly we get through our stuff.
I am glad you posted those pics from Robinson's! When I get back I will have to take the kids out to get apples. I am off to Texas today for the MOPS Convention! YEAH!
We should get together. I will get in touch when I get back. The Gateway Clipper was fun! Good thing you are waiting until next year. Mattithia was even a little bored this year I couldn't imagine having a younger one!

Holly said...

Love, love, LOVE reading your blog!!! Always something fun and inspiring!

Can't wait to see you on Fri!!!

Maybe if Carrie's back she can join us?! Hear that Carrie??? let me know!