Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here is an inexpensive learning tool to use with your preschool/kindergarten-aged child. All that you need are index cards and a marker.

Divide your index cards into two sets of 26. On one set, write one uppercase letter per card, making sure to cover the whole alphabet. Do the same on the second set of cards, only this time write in lowercase letters. So, you should now have a set of index cards with the uppercase alphabet and one set with the lowercase alphabet.

Lay out, in random order, your uppercase letters. Next to that, lay out your lowercase letters (again in random order.) Like this:

Then have your child match each uppercase letter to it's lowercase version.

We were learning the letter "E" last week. So after Ian matched all his cards, he used the cards to "write" the letter "E".

I'm currently working on putting together another fun, hands-on learning activity that will help your child with letter identification. I got the idea from my wonderful friend, Lori, who is currently getting her master's in education. This project is a bit more time consuming, but as soon as I complete it and take some pics, I'll post it for everyone.
See you next time!

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