Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why we chose to homeschool

First, let me say that a time existed at which I did not think I was "cut out" to homeschool. I didn't think I'd have the patience. I was afraid that I wouldn't have any "me" time if the kids were always home (not a nice thought, but, hey, I think it's a common concern among women contemplating homeschooling), and I didn't necessarily know that it was the best thing for my kids as far as socialization goes.

Well, somewhere along the way, my mind was completely changed. Trust me, I researched. Boy, did I research. I'm not one to jump into something without any knowledge. I read every book I could find on homeschooling. I read articles that were anti-homeschooling. And I prayed. Fervently. As did Brad. So, when it really comes down to it, the main reason we decided to homeschool was because we felt it was a calling from God. And, hey, in my book, when God calls me to do something I better be obedient and do it!

So, here is my list of reasons that homeschooling is right for us:

1. We see it as a calling from God.

2. We do not want our children sent out to the "war zone" at such a young, impressionable, vulnerable age.

3. We want to control what educational resources to which our children are exposed.

4. We feel that we can do just as good, if not a better job of providing our children with an early education. Here at home it's one to one compared to one to twenty-five as far as student to teacher ratio is concerned.

5. Who cares more about our children's education than us? Even the most exceptional school teacher could not have as much vested interest as Brad and I do in our children's learning process and experience.

Oh, and please don't think we're so naive as to think we can put our children in a bubble and completely isolate them from the world. That's certainly not our intention; we certainly do not even want to do that. We just want to give them a solid foundation built upon God before they have to face the negative influences of our culture. You know, ammunition to fire back when they're fired at. We want them to know what's right and wrong based upon the Word of God and not some random friend's values. Hey, I worked as a school nurse in the public school system. There were times when I was appalled at the things I heard in the hallway and in the staff room (from both students and, sadly, teachers.)

As far as socialization goes... Oh, my. That's the never-ending argument from those that just haven't taken the time to really look at all the opportunities home-schooling has to offer. Of course parents can choose to isolate their homeschooled children, but that would be an exception. All of the homeschooling families I know, including us, find socialization important. We just find it important to control the type of socialization our young children are exposed to at their young age. And look, my kid can get socialized. Even if it means playing soccer in the pouring rain.


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Carleen said...

Oh my Amber! This was exactly me just a few short years ago!! I could have wrote this!! Good for you for listening to the voice of God and being obedient!

Love your blog!!!