Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Face Lift, Candy Corn Garland and a Great Idea

Do you like my new look? If you've been here before, leave me a comment and let me know if this new layout is pleasing to the eye. I can't decide if it's too busy or just right. I may change this. If you ask anyone in my family, they'll tell you I bore easily. That's why I rearrange my furniture every couple of months! I suppose it won't be any different with my blog.

Here's a really cute and fun idea for fall. I found this idea over at Bienvenue. Lily and I made this a few days ago. We had so much fun. Oh, and I have to send a thanks to my dad for letting me borrow his camera until I get my new one!

You'll need this (I used about 1 1/2 packages):

And this: Then you just string the candy corn onto the thread:

Keep stringing until you reach your desired length for your garland. Prepare to have a sticky needle and sticky hands. I kept cleaning off the needle and it made it much easier to thread the candy. Once you're done, tie off both ends.

Then I laid the entire garland out on our driveway and sprayed it with a clear protective coat that I had previously bought at WalMart. After it dried, I laid it out on the floor and tied ribbon in equal intervals to be used to suspend it from our chandelier.

This whole project only cost me approximately $4.50. What an inexpensive and cute fall/Halloween project. Lily loved picking out the pieces of candy corn that she wanted on the garland, and it was nice to be able to work on this together.

Oh, keep reading below...

I know today's not Thursday, but I didn't want to wait until tomorrow. I found this yesterday and wanted to share it. Nikki over at Project: Domestic Bliss has a really great idea for organizing coupons. She's even included a video tutorial. Now I can't wait to get started on mine. Go check it out!


Jamie P. said...

Hi Amber! Love the blog its in my favorites!!! Thanks for emailing me and letting me know about it! Looks like all is well...can you blow some cool weather here to AZ? :0)

Jim Curtz said...

These are excellent designs. I like these designs, because these things easily available at home. The bowl design is extra addition for my dinning table. Anyways thanks for sharing these great designs with us.

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